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Date : December 2008

Year in Review: 2008

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Published on: 2008.12.31

(Note, I already did a “Year in Review” story at work, so this may be a little scatterbrained.) The end of the year: a time to reflect back on the last 365 days, either with regret, nostalgia, or a curious combination of the two. A time to look forward with bright-eyed wonder or steely-eyed courage,[…]

Christmas Was Excellent

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Published on: 2008.12.27

Despite the national media’s doom-and-gloom messages for Christmas, my household had an excellent holiday, and spent more than usual on ourselves and on others. I’m starting to think that a “bad economy” is a key word for “good economy” since so many things were finally marked down into an affordable range for a middle-income family[…]

New Entry

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Published on: 2008.12.18

Here’s my new blog entry, especially for Richard, who was wondering where I’d gone. Last week, I spent nearly every waking moment at the Seminole State College field house, covering all 30 games of the Little River Conference Basketball Tournament (Varnum won the girls’ bracket; Earlsboro won the boys’ bracket — no surprise on either[…]

New Laptop

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Published on: 2008.12.01

We’re doing our part to help the national economy (and probably the economies of several third world nations where the small parts are made). Sunday, Marline purchased a new laptop computer. Her old one was a trooper, and has lasted since 2001. It performed well with the initial installment of Windows ME (still my favorite[…]

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