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Date : August 2008

Wonderful August

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Published on: 2008.08.17

Except for the first few days of this month, when we were at normal temperatures (over 100), it’s been unseasonably cool this year, just like last year. Yesterday’s high was 81, and it dropped into the 60s at night, which is almost unheard of in Oklahoma. And it’s been going on for two weeks now,[…]

Tropic Thunder (2008)

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Published on: 2008.08.13

I didn’t want to do a formal review or critique of “Tropic Thunder” (the movie), but I do want to clear some things up. First of all, except for the obese inbred talk-a-thon champions sitting behind my wife and I, the movie was pretty darn funny. Sure, much of it was toilet humor, but everyone’s[…]

Digital TV and Smart Cars

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Published on: 2008.08.06

We had a “cool” front move through today, bringing temperatures into the mid-90s (after nearly two weeks of over 100 degrees!) On an unrelated note, I got to drive a Smart Car yesterday. Click here to see the pictures of the car I took. And, here’s my take on the Digital TV converter box we[…]

Dallas Trip

Marline and I finished off our one-week vacation with a road trip to Dallas, Texas, which was overall very enjoyable (even though the temps climbed to 108 degrees on Saturday!) We left Seminole at 9 a.m., heading south on SH 99, which got us all the way to Ada. From there, we took SH 1[…]

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