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Date : May 2008

Good Week

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Published on: 2008.05.25

All in all it was a good week. Not only did the right David win American Idol, but Marline and I had some fun activities to finish off the row of days on the calendar. Friday night, we attended the graduation at Bowlegs High School, at the invitation of my friend Kristy Hill. After the[…]

Wrong and Right

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Published on: 2008.05.21

My prediction turned out not to be true, but my hope did come to pass. I’ve wanted David Cook to win for several weeks now, and he did. Good job, American Idol voters. EDIT: But ” bad job ” to the producers of the show, who apparently picked a sucky, cliche-ful song for Cook to[…]

Maybe I Was Right

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Published on: 2008.05.20

For about 10 weeks now, my wife has been pulling for David Cook, one of the American Idol contestants. I joined her in this pursuit after Michael Johns was voted off the show. Tonight, we waited with baited breath to hear Cook’s finale versus the smooth-singing David Archuleta, who’s been a fan favorite for most[…]

5/12 ≠ 9/11

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Published on: 2008.05.19

Today on NPR, I heard I heard a reporter (whom I normally respect) say, “May 12, or five-twelve, is China’s nine-eleven.” First of all, it reminded me a little of Rudolph Guliani , who used “Nine-eleven” as his main campaign platform to his own demise. But more importantly, it made me wonder if the reporter[…]

Finale Week

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Published on: 2008.05.18

Well, it’s finale week on American Idol. I’m hoping we see something like this (Fantasia), or maybe even this (Clay). Just listen to them, if you have a minute or two. (I know Clay didn’t win, but you’ll agree he should have, after listening to his final performance.) We also saw brilliant finale performances from[…]

End of the Sports Season

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Published on: 2008.05.13

As many of you may know, I’m the sports editor at our local newspaper. The only time I really get to take a break is during the summer months when our high schools are out for summer vacation. Well, that time has finally arrived. Sure, there are still things happening, like little league baseball, rodeos,[…]


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Published on: 2008.05.10

My “little” brother Zane graduated this morning from East Central University in Ada, Okla., getting a Bachelor of Arts degree. It was an emotional time for me. He was just four years old when I graduated from high school. (today) (2004) (1990) He’s grown up a lot and we’re proud of him. CLICK HERE to[…]

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