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Date : October 2007

House Cleaning

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Published on: 2007.10.28

Today, Marline and I spent about two hours upstairs, cleaning out the “spare” bedroom. My apartment came with two bedrooms when I first rented it in January of 2001 (yes! I’ve been here nearly seven years!) At first, I lived in the south bedroom, since it had the larger closet — a nice walk-in. But[…]

More Rain

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Published on: 2007.10.15

Last night, according to local TV news stations, several places in Oklahoma broke the all-time yearly rainfall totals. We had an inch or two of rain, bringing the yearly total to somewhere between 50 and 60 inches (depending on which station you believe). This makes 2007 the wettest year on record for much of Oklahoma,[…]


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Published on: 2007.10.09

Tonight, the Konawa Lady Tigers won the Class 2A State Championship, beating Haskell 3-1. Here is a summary of their season. Congratulations, Konawa Lady Tigers!

Has It Been That Long?

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Published on: 2007.10.09

Yes, I guess it HAS been that long. Nearly a month since my last post. For a veritable diary of what I’ve been doing lately, check my web page Recent Photoshoots [old link removed]. While the football season continues, the high school softball season is almost wrapped up. In fact, the softball season would have[…]

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