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Date : August 2007


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Published on: 2007.08.23

Late last night, I finally finished the 2007 Football Preview for Seminole County, which is my main project each August. It’s a huge undertaking, as I have to write in-depth stories on all six county football teams and their prospects for the upcoming season, do the same for OU, OSU, and Tulsa U, as well[…]

Marline’s an Okie

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Published on: 2007.08.18

Here’s how I know Marline has lived in Oklahoma too long… Today, she said, “I’ve already aten.” (instead of “eaten,” in case you other Okies weren’t sure what the correct phrase is.) Yep. She’s an Okie now.

Football Season Again

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Published on: 2007.08.15

Just to let everyone know, I’m still alive. Working on the football preview that our paper does every summer. That keeps me busy. Marline and I saw “Dreamgirls” last night, off a Netflix DVD. It’s the best movie I’ve seen all year, I think.

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