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Date : May 2007

Trip to San Antonio

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Published on: 2007.05.29

As usual, I’m behind on getting the photos formatted, but Marline and I took a road trip on Memorial Day weekend, visiting my former stomping grounds of San Antonio , Texas. We planned the trip on the spur of the moment, once we realized Marline had Monday off (I always have Mondays off), and that[…]

Finally Stopped Raining

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Published on: 2007.05.14

Well, it finally stopped raining here in Seminole. It’s been clear, muggy, and warm for three or four days now, after more than two straight weeks of nothing but rain and thunderstorms. (Fortunately, I was in New York and New England for one of those weeks!) I’ve finally gotten most of my photos formatted from[…]

A Few Days In NYC and New England

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Published on: 2007.05.07

This past week was a full one, and included my first-ever trip to New England. Marline, of course, has been to most (if not all) the New England state, but I had never seen any of them before. The main purpose of the trip was to attend the wedding of Marline’s cousin Ludmia (click here[…]

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