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Date : March 2007

Updating the Web

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Published on: 2007.03.26

To update everyone on my web work: *I posted a movie review for “Shooter” on my other blog, as well as a review for “300.” If you’re interested in my opinions on movies, feel free to read them. *Also, I’ve been updating my webpages. For those of you with old bookmarks/favorites, my site hosted on[…]

Catching up

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Published on: 2007.03.08

Wow. I’ve now become a weekly, or bi-weekly blogger. Much different from my original blogging days. But that’s what married life will do to you. As most of you know, I cover sports for the local newspaper. Basketball season just ended, on Saturday night, and now we’re in baseball/softball season, not to mention track, tennis,[…]

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