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Date : January 2007

Still Busy

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Published on: 2007.01.30

Hey, folks! Thanks, everyone, for still coming by. I’ve been terribly busy taking pictures of basketball games — there’s a game just about every night now, since all the schools are making up games they missed during the recent ice storm. On my nights off, Marline and I are still Netflixing. This week so far,[…]

It Missed Us

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Published on: 2007.01.22

The snowstorm that was predicted for this past weekend never actually happened for Seminole, which was something of a blessing after all the ice and sleet of the previous weekend. Of course, I LOVE winter weather, but I couldn’t stand all the cancellations of basketball games. I was going through withdrawals until Saturday, when I[…]


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Published on: 2007.01.16

Well, Marline has survived her first Oklahoma ice storm. After three long days of basically being trapped in the house, we each went to work today, taking it slowly and carefully, since city crews in these parts aren’t equipped to deal with the weather. Even today, most of the side streets are solid sheets of[…]

Caught up

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Published on: 2007.01.14

I’m finally caught up on posting my photos on Flickr. CLICK HERE for all of the Eureka Springs trip photos. CLICK HERE for the Harlem Globetrotters photos. Marline and I got to see the Globetrotters in Oklahoma City last Sunday (Jan. 7). It was a fun afternoon. I’d wanted to see the Globetrotters since I[…]

New Year’s Trip

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Published on: 2007.01.04

Marline and I celebrated New Year’s in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, as planned. We were able to do the three-day getaway, partially because Marline had Monday (Jan. 1) off work, and I always have Monday off. As for Saturday, Marline always has that off, and I got the day off by working late Friday night. With[…]

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