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Date : October 2006

Once a Week

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Published on: 2006.10.29

Looks like married life has taken me down from one blog a day, to once a week. That’s fine by me. I didn’t have that many readers anyway… Anyway, this week has been busy — I left my car at the shop over the weekend, and brought it back two more times this week, to[…]


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Published on: 2006.10.22

My sister Shari and her husband Bobby came to visit yesterday, from Texas, bringing their five children with them. I have new pics of them on My Flickr . This week, all my football games were on Thursday, instead of Friday, because of Fall Break. So that basically messed up my schedule, but things went[…]

Movie Theater

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Published on: 2006.10.16

On Saturday night, Marline and I watched Grudge 2 at the Seminole theater. Yes, there’s a theater in Seminole, though it was in danger of closing for good a few years ago. Under new ownership, the theater has improved greatly, to the point where it’s actually worth going there. Movies in New York cost $11.[…]

Take the Lead

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Published on: 2006.10.11

Tonight, Marline and I watched “Take the Lead” on DVD (from NetFlix ). It’s the dancing movie, with Antonio Banderas — turned out it was a true story. Usually, I don’t like dancing movies, because they’re all so cliche-ic. Another genre of movie that’s full of cliches is the urba classroom drama — where some[…]


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Published on: 2006.10.08

Marline and I went to see “The Departed” Sunday night. (Read my review HERE.) It was better than we’d expected, and we’d expected quite a lot from that cast of brilliant actors and such a talented director. Don’t watch it with the kids, or at all if you’re offended by “coarse” language. Otherwise, it’s a[…]

Alone Time

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Published on: 2006.10.04

Cassie, you’re right. It works out well that we have some alone time, and some together time. Marline gets her first paycheck on Friday, and things should smooth out after that. (I’m sorry you didn’t get to go to your bazaar… That sucks. But rules are rules.) In the meantime, Marline’s away at a conference.[…]


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Published on: 2006.10.02

To answer Cassie’s comment… I am getting some rest. Marline and I only share one day of our respective weekends — Sunday. It’s her last day of the weekend, and my first day. So, she gets most of Saturday to herself, and I get most of Monday to myself. It’s a pretty nice arrangement. And,[…]


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Published on: 2006.10.01

Wow. This past week was crazy, especially the last half. On Thursday, I spent the afternoon in Konawa, covering the regional softball tournament, that included two local teams (Konawa and Strother-Varnum). Then, that evening, I covered a football game in Maud, along with the homecoming pageantry. Maud won the game, which makes it two in[…]

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