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Date : September 2006

Week 2

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Published on: 2006.09.26

Marline’s in week 2 of her job, and I think it’s going well… She’s already learning roads about which I was unaware. As I knew she would, she’s figuring out shortcuts to and from work, etc. I had told her this would happen, and encouraged her by reminding her that most of these towns out[…]


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Published on: 2006.09.21

Just so everyone will know… After all that trouble a couple of weeks ago, Marline finally got her transcripts from NYU. Interesting thing, though. They were addressed to ME. That’s right, the envelope had my name on it. How in the heck would NYU get my name? Good question. Marline’s transcript request had HER name[…]

She Made It

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Published on: 2006.09.19

Cassie (regarding you comment on my previous post), I know this car wouldn’t make it in Washington, not without a garage, or at least a tarp over it. LOL. In all other respects, I have no complaints about the 1991 Buick Park Avenue. It’s much better than my car, even when I first got my[…]

First Day at Work

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Published on: 2006.09.18

Somehow, I knew that I wouldn’t blog as often, once Marline moved here, and it’s happened. But today, she’s out of the house… It’s her FIRST DAY AT WORK. It’s odd for me. Since she moved here on May 31, I haven’t been in my apartment alone more than 20 minutes at a time (and[…]

New Job

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Published on: 2006.09.13

(Note: Cassie; I’ve been wanting to see that Akeelah & the Bee movie for a while…)   MARLINE HAS A JOB.   I won’t say too much, for confidentiality reasons (that’s a big deal in social work). But I can say that she’ll be making about twice as much money as I do, and that[…]


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Published on: 2006.09.11

Just so everyone will know, today, after faxing the request three more times, Marline finally got someone in the office to admit they’d received the request. They said the transcripts would be sent out in 7-10 business days (and then add at least four days for the U.S. mail to find Seminole — it sometimes[…]


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Published on: 2006.09.08

Thanks to Cassie and Kambri for the well-worded and well-thought comments about the Best Picture question. Again, it all comes down to taste with the individual. My favorite movie? You may not like it all. And vice versa. And, of course, in a big-budget business like the Academy Awards, it’s about much more than what[…]

Best Picture

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Published on: 2006.09.06

(NOTE: I’m NOT publicly disagreeing with my wife. LOL. I’m just going to express a different opinion here.) In comments on my last entry, it was mentioned that if a movie wins the Oscar for “Best Picture,” it may not be worth watching. In general, I’ll agree that the Oscars have made a laughingstock of[…]

Top Movies

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Published on: 2006.09.04

Cassie, I read your blog; sounds like you guys have been really busy moving in. Thanks for taking the time to stop by here each day. Last night, Marline and I watched our most recent NetFlix movie, “The Deer Hunter.” Keep in mind, Marline hasn’t had a choice in these movies yet. And each one[…]

Old Movies

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Published on: 2006.09.03

Well, Marline and I finally got on the Netflix bandwagon (edit: she had it before, back in NYC). We got a free trial about a week ago, and started ordering movies. So far, we’ve only seen two, but it’s a cool deal. Pay $14 bucks a month, and get unlimited movies (no more than two[…]

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