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Date : December 2004

Journal: Dec. 22, 2004

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Published on: 2004.12.22

(Wednesday) In this journal entry, I’ll try to keep my thoughts organized, instead of rambling on, as usual. In the following paragraphs, I hope to discuss the following topics: * My talk with a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter * My coverage of the local basketball games * Snow * Gift exchange at work * Christmas shopping[…]

Christmas Trip to Shari and Bobby’s (Lists)

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Published on: 2004.12.21

THINGS TO DO: 1) Pay rent ($325 to Curry-Hardin) 2) Pack (see list below) 3) Empty Trash (upstairs too) 4) Purchase Dr. Pepper (for trip and after) 5) Backup Computer Files (just MY stuff) 6) THINGS TO TAKE: 1) Camera, bag & batteries 2) Christmas presents 3) Maps 4) Clothes     a. pair of[…]

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