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Date : October 2004

Journal: Oct. 27, 2004

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Published on: 2004.10.27

It rained part of the day yesterday, and most of the day today. In fact, it’s been wet during several parts of last week and this week. I like the rain, but I keep waiting on the temperature to drop into a winter-like cold, but it hasn’t done so yet. The weather continues to be[…]

Journal: October 18, 2004

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Published on: 2004.10.18

I’ve been having this increasing feeling, as I get older, that my life is going nowhere. The endless repetitions of days, the daily doing the same things over and over. Of course, I’m changing, and learning new things, and interacting with people, but in the end, what is any of this accomplishing? Even if I[…]

Journal: Oct. 10, 2004 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2004.10.10

Though our summer was extremely mild, it lasted fairly long. Through Friday, the weather was warm and sunny. Finally, Saturday, it cooled off some, and stayed cloudy, beginning to mist by afternoon. It misted and rained throughout the night last night and most of the day today. It’s still in the low 60s though —[…]

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