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Date : August 2002

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Aug. 23, 2002 (Friday)

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Published on: 2002.08.23

Seminole High School’s first official scrimmage was earlier this evening, versus a 5A team from Harrah, which didn’t put up much of a fight for our mighty 3A Chieftains. Chauncey Cravens performed as expected on the few runs he got. It seemed, though, that Mike Snider (head coach) wasn’t putting as much emphasis on Cravens[…]

Aug. 18, 2002 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2002.08.18

Friday, Zane & I attended Seminole High School’s first scrimmage — the “Green and White Scrimmage,” in which the Chieftains’ varsity squad plays against the JV. Chauncey Cravens, Seminole’s greatest running back since 1996’s Jarrod Reese (who led the team to the state championship), showed that he’s more than ready for the season, by catching[…]

Aug. 11, 2002 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2002.08.11

As of yesterday, I am The Seminole Producer’s new “City Editor,” which basically means nothing, except that the new title will go on my byline with each front page story, and my name & title will be added to the masthead on the back page of each paper. Karen says I’m already fulfilling the duties[…]

Aug. 4, 2002 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2002.08.04

Yesterday, after work, I helped D & Z for about three hours, burying the electric line that we laid the other day. We also used D’s tractor to haul off a few tons of rocks that had been dug out of the trenches. It was about 98ºF outside, and we sweated crazily, and the dust[…]

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