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Date : January 2002

Seminole Pride

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Published on: 2002.01.31

My, How My Outlook Has Changed Since Moving ALTHOUGH no one has heard the full story of the last few years of my life (and perhaps no one wants to), perhaps the most significant item in that time is my move to Seminole, Oklahoma. As with any major life decision, many factors were involved in[…]

Jan. 21, 2002

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Published on: 2002.01.21

Well, I broke my “streak” of no poems, late last night, when I whipped out three short ones. At this time, I don’t think they’re that good — but only time will tell.

Jan. 18, 2002 – Friday

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Published on: 2002.01.18

Another busy week has come and gone for me. I finally figured out how to get some new fonts for free (on my computer.) I’ve been copying them to floppy disks from the computer at work, and bringing them home. Some time this weekend, I plan to get some more fonts from MDZ’s computer as[…]

Jan. 14, 2002 (Monday)

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Published on: 2002.01.14

Z actually turned 16! I finished scanning in “My CD Photo Album” — all the pics I have (I think). I went to Shawnee and looked at police scanners & talked to a cute blonde girl named Monica. Then I bought a T-shirt at TeeZers & talked to the guy there about GNR; watched Not[…]

Jan. 13, 2002 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2002.01.13

I shot baskets with Z&D. Then we explored a canyon on the north side of the highway, on the edge of the land than Aunt Oneita sold to Mr. Wood. We found a cave that someone had told D was “big.” It was actually only 28-feet deep. We then walked for a couple of miles[…]

Journal: Jan. 12, 2002

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Published on: 2002.01.12

I had a half-day at work; did laundry; shot D’s .22 pistol at his canyon. Then I went to Bethel w/M & Z for Seminole’s final Tournament game. SHS won over Mt. St. Mary’s, 61-59 — David Knighton won MVP for hitting the game-winning shot at the buzzer.

Journal: Jan. 9, 2002

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Published on: 2002.01.09

Sgt. Branon Bowen called me at work & gave me a tip on a drug bust. I went out & took pictures of a partially constructed meth lab at a new housing development in town.

Journal: Jan. 8, 2002

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Published on: 2002.01.08

Went to Seminole’s basketball game & saw Z & M. It was another heart-stopping game.

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