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Date : February 2001

Feb. 28, 2001 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2001.02.28

ice on the car — about 30°F — all day; some freezing rain. I did 52 bundles at work. Came home & unpacked some more. Put more music on my disc. Typed a letter to, telling them I’ve already sent the money for the book (“Poetry’s Elite”). I called “Millionair” & missed the third[…]

Feb. 27, 2001 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2001.02.27

Cool in the a.m., rainly & cold all p.m. Finished 53 bundles at work. Bought sandwich bags, trash bags & aluminum foil at the Dollar General store, then came HOME & started unpacking. I glued my dresser drawer (where I’d broke in the van while moving), set up my videos, CDs, & some books &[…]

Feb. 26, 2001 (Monday)

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Published on: 2001.02.26

WEATHER: 41°F in the a.m.; getting warmer most of the day; sunny w/some clouds coming in during the p.m. I have so far kept my sanity, although I worried some about losing it. While running 50 bundles at work, I learned that Tim Azlin — a fellow bar coder — was the previous tenant of[…]

Feb. 25, 2001 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2001.02.25

Slept till 08:00. For some reason, Susan Gilzow and her sister Kelly were in my dream. I was visiting Susan’s parents’ house, which was vividly clear in my memory, though it’s been something like five years since I saw it. I woke up, had a banana muffin, talked to G, and typed in my interim[…]

Feb. 23-24, 2001

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Published on: 2001.02.24

Feb. 23 (Friday) Rainy, 30s & 40s; lightning, thunder. Left work early; paid for apt.; called OG&E for electricity; called SWB for phone; moved some boxes, TV, microwave & quilts to new apartment. Replied to some emails (Carly, Shari, Kyle Cotton). At pizza for supper, followed by cookies & ice cream. Watched “Two Guys &[…]

Feb. 22, 2001 (Thursday)

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Published on: 2001.02.22

40s to low 50s; mostly sunny; light wind. Left work at 10:40 a.m.; ate at McD’s drive-thru; came home to wait for the “Millionaire” call-back; no call. Went to the trailer w/G to visit; then we went to Dollar General (where I found some things i can buy later, for my apt. — inexpensive), bank,[…]

Feb. 21, 2001 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2001.02.21

30s & 40s; cloudy. Good day at work; told Curry Hardin I’d take the apt.; called McD’s & they said they’d send the W-2. Called “Millionaire” & made it past the first round of questions; now I have to wait for the “call-back”. Did laundry. Watched “Drew”, “Spin City”, “Whose Line”. Went to bed at[…]

Feb. 20, 2001 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2001.02.20

thick fog, dangerously so, 50°F; fog cleared; high – 65°F; partly cloudy. Went to Hillcrest Apts after work; they were full; so I guess I’ll take the Curry Hardin apt.

Feb. 19, 2001 (Monday)

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Published on: 2001.02.19

cool morning, but rose to 59°F, partly cloudy. Ran 50 bundles; stayed till 15:00. Looked at 2 bedroom apartment at Courtyards & a 2 bedroom owned by Curry Hardin. I like the C.H. choice, but I’ll try to look at more tomorrow.

Feb. 18, 2001 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2001.02.18

Catchup: the other day, I had a dream; Nora & Oneita were Nazis, and D & I used G’s pickup to steal a chest of Nazi treasures from them; we arrived back at my apartment to find it had been vandalized. WEATHER: Mostly cloudy; low: 30°F; high: 42°F; light wind. NEWS: Dale Earnhardt, race car[…]

Feb. 17, 2001 (Saturday)

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Published on: 2001.02.17

WEATHER: 19°F this morning, with gradually clearing skies; winds 10-15 mph; high 40°F. Muddy everywhere as the ground thaws. I went to work (volunteer) & did 20 bundles, leaving at 10:00. I drove by the Courtyard Apartments, on SH9, to get a closer look; they don’t seem too bad; perhaps I’ll check when the office[…]

Feb. 16, 2001 (Friday)

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Published on: 2001.02.16

cold (at or below freezing all day), windy; it snowed about noon or 1 p.m. Then the clouds cleared away. Got my largest paycheck so far today, but next week’s should be larger. Paid my car insurance (lower than expected, by about $17.00 per month!) Finished converting my “Anthology” (poetry) files, so now only my[…]

Feb. 15, 2001 (Thursday)

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Published on: 2001.02.15

Ice on the car this morning. Had a slow day; left work early to take Joe home — I looked at his couch. It wasn’t perfect, but they’re giving it away, so I told them I’d take it, as soon as I can. Promised M that I’d feed Ricky and Bugga tomorrow & Dat., while[…]

Feb. 14, 2001 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2001.02.14

55 bundles! I am close to really liking this job. The question is not whether it pays enough, but rather will I be able to stick to my budget. After work, I checked my mail, go gas & lunch food, then came home. I called Hinson Insurance and asked about my bill. They said I[…]

Feb. 13, 2001 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2001.02.13

Drizzly & misty all day; with a light wind, temp in the 40s and 50s. By evening, a heavy fog had set in. I had a good day at work, then came home, deciding not to get gas, but to allow the gauge to run on down (based on my previous mpg; I should be[…]

Feb. 12, 2001 (Monday)

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Published on: 2001.02.12

Phenomenal day at work: finished 56 bundles (3297 pair!), beating my previous record of 51 bundles (2922 pair). Everyone was impressed. No one else has done that many since I started, although Tim has come close. Joe said his CDs played fine. I came home, took a shower, then converted and formatted poetry files.

Feb. 11, 2001 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2001.02.11

30°F in the morning; 50°F afternoon, light wind, partly cloudy. Ate “cornflake muffins” for breakfast, then worked for a while, formatting & fixing WPT files (Poem Anthology). Watched some of Sam Donaldson’s interview with Colin Powell, then a PBS special on how television will change once everything has gone digital. ***

Feb. 10, 2001 (Saturday)

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Published on: 2001.02.10

20°F in the morning; worked till 11 a.m. Gave Big Joe a ride home. Came to the trailer & talked to MDZ about my house drawing & other things. Came to G’s and got my computer dust cover in the mail.

Feb. 9, 2001 (Friday)

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Published on: 2001.02.09

Very cold — near 30°F all day & WINDY! At times, the wind gusted 75 mph, according to the news. G’s trash barrels blew over; the heavy iron gate blew closed & the barn doors blew open.

Feb. 8, 2001 (Thursday)

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Published on: 2001.02.08

Work — I was the only bar-coder who stayed until 3 p.m. They asked for volunteers to work SAT, so I’m pretty sure I’ll do it — I have no other plans. I finished converting my CD list files & printed the list, so I can take it to work tomorrow; also worked some on[…]

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