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Date : January 2001

Jan. 31, 2001 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2001.01.31

clear & cool; windy; low: 28°F; high: 47°F. Work: 51 bundles, 2,922 pair, my best so far. Came straight home; checked traps, spillway & culvert & cleared them. Sat by middle lake awhile & watched the beaver swim; took a few shots at him, but didn’t hit him (he never got very close). I really[…]

Jan. 30, 2001 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2001.01.30

Clear; low: 30s; high: 50°F; windy & clear. Worked till 17:00 (extra work!). Got soap, snack cakes, coin wrappers. Burned CD: “Rock Party 2”. Watched “Wheel”. Ate Cajun pork roast, corn, broccoli & carrots. Called “Millionaire”; missed second question. Typed some old journals, went to bed at 21:30; reading Poe.

Jan. 29, 2001 (Monday)

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Published on: 2001.01.29

Still raining, but it stopped about 10:00, and the wind blew the clouds away — high: 43°F. Work till 15:00, set my personal record of 51 bundles (2,917 pair). Got mail & gas (24.5 mpg). Took shower. Typed letter to Evan. M&D came over to visit, then left. I warmed up Hamburger Helper leftovers for[…]

Jan. 28, 2001 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2001.01.28

still raining, lightly, turning the already damp ground into mush — temperature in the 30s and 40s. I had a bowl of Grape Nuts for breakfast and almost immediately s— my guts out. All morning, I typed in old journals. Ate cajun pork roast and buttered wheat bread for lunch. I drove to the mailboxes[…]

Thoughts on Life: The Story-Telling Effect

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Published on: 2001.01.28

(copied from my “Darker Blue Notebook”) I am increasingly thankful that I kept the journals I did (although I wish I hadn’t thrown away my pre-1987 diaries). Many things which I’ve long since forgotten were written down for future perusal, and many of my memories which have grown cloudy or mistaken are being cleared up.[…]

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Jan. 27, 2001 (Saturday)

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Published on: 2001.01.27

temp: stayed in the 30s all day, with high winds. By 14:00, it was sleeting, then raining lightly into the night. Typed in old journals, discovered that my World Book 2001 program won’t run, no matter what I do, so that’s $20 wasted. I’ll have to buy Encarta after all. Had Hamburger Helper & potato[…]

Jan. 26, 2001 (Friday)

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Published on: 2001.01.26

Started off cool — about 38°F, but quickly warmed to 55°F or so, with some wind. About 40 at night.

Jan. 25, 2001 (Thursday)

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Published on: 2001.01.25

clear & 26°F in the morning, still. Windy afternoon, bringing clouds & high of 51°F, light drizzle in evening, about 42°F. Worked till 12:30.

Jan. 24, 2001 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2001.01.24

full day at work. 36°F in the morning, clear skies, high of 50°F — should get down to 25°F tonight. Mail: got ATM card for Wrangler credit union & PIN#.

Jan. 23, 2001 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2001.01.23

cool & clear, although it was a little warmer than yesterday. I worked till 11:00, then ate my lunch in the car. Drove to Shawnee, to check the price of having a CD player installed in my car — too much. I went on up to the mall, and bought an “optical mouse” for my[…]

Jan. 22, 2001 (Monday)

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Published on: 2001.01.22

cool & clear all day — high got up to 50. Seven-day forecast: highs in the mid- to upper 40s, lows ranging from 28-38, with some chances of rain on Thur, Sat., Sun., Mond. NEWS: Most of the seven Texas escaped inmates have been caught — one killed himself as the law closed in.

Jan. 21, 2001 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2001.01.21

WEATHER: cloudy in the morning, about 30°F; clearing through the day & rising to mid-30s. I typed in old journals & “Thoughts on Life”, all the way through August 1990. M & D came over for lunch; we had roast chicken, snow peas, baby corn, bread, honeydew melon, and homemade blackberry cobbler. Spent the afternoon[…]

Jan. 20, 2001 (Saturday)

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Published on: 2001.01.20

clear, low wind, temp in 30s all day. NEWS: G.W. Bush inaugurated as 43rd President amid some strong protest, but mostly non-violent.

Jan. 19, 2001 (Friday)

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Published on: 2001.01.19

Work till 13:30. Cash check ($257) at BancFirst on Milt Phillips, bought money order ($6.32) to pay MCI calling card bill. Bought stamps (new rate: 34 cents apiece) at Post Office. Bought bread ($0.69) and two packs of Doral Menthol cigarettes ($2.39 each) at Homeland. Got gas at Citgo ($1.29/gal) at SH9 and SH99. Figured[…]

Jan. 18, 2001 (Thursday)

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Published on: 2001.01.18

mid 30s to upper 40s, partly cloudy, windy. Work, translated “Anthology”, typed some old journals, read “The Light of Other Days”, went to Wewoka w/MDZ to watch Chieftain 9th graders beat the Tigers (basketball). The scorekeeper was an idiot. Did 25 pushups and went to bed at 21:55. THOUGHTS ON LIFE: The stress of recent[…]

Jan. 17, 2001 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2001.01.17

Wesley’s (& Taryn’s) B-day WEATHER: 30°F at 6:30 a.m., snowing; rose to 38°F or so during the day, w/no further precip; down to 32°F at 21:00 & cloudy. Went to work, got off at 14:30; went to examiner’s office & Tag Agency & (finally) got my OK driver’s license. Put my tag on the car[…]

Jan. 16, 2001 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2001.01.16

cold & cloudy all day, w/gusty winds — some sleet & snow fell but no accumulation; left work at 9:40 a.m. or so, got oil change, tag, title & paid excise tax; bought ice scraper, sun visor, and a gas can; walked to lakes — they’re okay; translated some more poems; ate meatloaf for dinner;[…]

Jan. 15, 2001 (Monday)

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Published on: 2001.01.15

WEATHER: clear & cold; beginning to cloud up by evening; low 32, high 50°F. Worked till 12:45; went by Tag Agency, but they were closed for “Martin Luther King Jr. Day”; tried to get my oil changed, but the place was full; bought tire gauge at Wal-Mart and went to trailer; got my poem “This[…]

Jan. 14, 2001 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2001.01.14

cool, clear, windy (40s); typed old journals, read owner’s manual for new car, removed college sticker from back window of car, went to Donna’s for lunch (saw MM, David R., Reba, Pat, Paul, Debra, Evan, Donna, M, D, Norma); talked w/Evan for a few minutes; left & went to trailer, tried to get online —[…]

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