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Date : October 2000

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Oct. 25, 2000 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2000.10.25

Got up before 06:00, walked halfway to the gate & back. Had some cereal (generic “Honey Smacks”), a Dr. Pepper, and a cigarette, then left for work just after 06:30.

Oct. 24, 2000 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2000.10.24

Got to the plant just before 07:00, and started tagging jeans. Today, I did 31 bundles, which is approx. 1700 pair of jeans. One of the really fast ladies there only did 41 bundles today, so I didn’t feel too bad. Several people were amazed at my progress.

Oct. 23, 2000 (Monday)

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Published on: 2000.10.23

got to the new Wrangler plant at about 8:00. By 8:30, Gilbert Reese (my supervisor) was showing me around. He briefly trained me on how to use the machine that puts tiny plastic stitches into the jeans, to hold on the paper with the bar code (or “UPC”). On every pair of jeans, we put[…]

Oct. 22, 2000 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2000.10.22

M&D&Z went to church (no, sorry; Zane stayed home). Then M&D ate over here at G’s. Zane wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed home. It was still raining; several times it rained very hard; and puddles formed. But every time the rain would slow, the puddles would be soaked into the ground. It hasn’t rained[…]

Oct. 21, 2000 (Saturday)

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Published on: 2000.10.21

Checked my emails at the trailer; talked a little to Zane & Dad; mostly it rained all day. Not too hard; kind of like last Sunday, when HMF & JLB were here. Steady drizzle. No puddles formed, however; the ground is so dry that it soaks it all up.

Oct. 20, 2000 (Friday)

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Published on: 2000.10.20

D&G helped to drag away limbs, as I started in on the second tree from the road, still on the West side of G’s driveway. I did quite a bit of work up there, and almost finished that tree. I know, it sounds like I spent way too long in each of these trees, just[…]

Oct. 19, 2000 (Thursday)

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Published on: 2000.10.19

At 1:30pm, I showed up at Wrangler, & my orientation lasted until nearly 5:00 pm. It included a lot more paperwork to fill out, a long, long video about electrical & chemical safety, etc., a drug test (urinalysis), and some talking to Sarah Edward. Finally, she got me assigned to the “bar code” dept. Apparently,[…]

Oct. 18, 2000 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2000.10.18

woke about 9:45 am, finished unpacking my duffel bags & backpack — so now my room is completely unpacked. I mailed off a letter to Evan & one to Andrea Aronis (Hansen, now). I called Sarah Edwards @ Wrangler, & she said I should come in to my orientation tomorrow at 1:30 p.m.

Oct. 17, 2000 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2000.10.17

After I woke up, drank a Dr. Pepper, and smoked a Marlboro Menthol 100, I drove Granny’s 1973 Ford F-100 half-ton pickup into Seminole, to the old Wrangler plant on Harvey Rd. There, I filled out a mound of paperwork for Freedom Personnel, which is the company that does all the hiring for Wrangler. After[…]

Oct. 16, 2000 (Monday)

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Published on: 2000.10.16

I drove G & D to Shawnee in G’s Cadillac. There, we traded in the ’85 Caddy for a ’97 Chevy Lumina. Granny got $800 worth of trade-in value for her Caddy, bringing the total cost of the Lumina down to $6,780.

Oct. 15, 2000 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2000.10.15

Well, I didn’t sleep in too long, since Heather and Jason came in early in the morning. I went over to the trailer, and talked to HMF and JLB for a while. We (M, D, Z, HMF, JLB, JLB2, Ricky the dog, Bugga the cat, and me) went on a walk down into the canyons,[…]

Oct. 14, 2000 (Saturday)

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Published on: 2000.10.14

I woke up at about 8:00 AM, and talked with Scarlett for a few minutes (G was already up at the yard sale). Then I drove up to the Gillespie’s in the VW Bug, giving Garrett a ride. He and his cousins (Joshua and Jordan H.) really love the Beetle, thinking that it’s “Herbie”, of[…]

Oct. 13, 2000 (Friday)

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Published on: 2000.10.13

Friday the 13th, Full Moon in the A.M., G, D, & I helped to set up the yard sale, across the highway, at Gillespie’s. Cassandra (CH) helped set up. G had the money (for making change). I priced my things: books, gun accessories, mostly. (Ever since the demise of my three Ruger guns in early[…]

Oct. 12, 2000 (Thursday)

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Published on: 2000.10.12

Heather (HMF) and Jason (JLB) came down Wed night, and left early in the morning. I didn’t get to see them, since they were on their way to San Antonio for Jennifer Holler’s wedding. They left Joshua (JLB2) and Mark (MWB) for M & D to watch.

Oct. 11, 2000

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Published on: 2000.10.11

most of the day, helped D build a computer desk / cabinet / shelf system for Aunt Donna (DU). After dropping Zane off at school in the morning, M, D, & I rode over to DU’s farm house (not far from the Fry land, east of Seminole). DU had broken her previous computer desk, and[…]

Oct. 10, 2000

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Published on: 2000.10.10

Last night, I had several dreams, but after two of them, I woke up long enough to write a small note to myself.

Oct. 9, 2000

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Published on: 2000.10.09

Dad & I took the Ryder truck back to OKC; on the way back, we stopped in Shawnee, to look at a few used book stores. I bought “Tomorrow The Stars”, edited by Robert Heinlein.

Oct. 8, 2000

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Published on: 2000.10.08

Woke late & ate cereal. Granny watched as I backed the Ryder truck into her yard (M-D-Z were at church). I started carrying in my things — the things I thought would fit into my new bedroom (I got the SW bedroom). When M-D-Z arrived after church, we ate chicken spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread.[…]

Oct. 7, 2000 (Saturday)

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Published on: 2000.10.07

Last night, Dad dropped Zane off in Cabot, so he could see the football game & spend some time with his old friends. Then Dad came to my apt.; we talked for a while, mostly about music and poetry (I had just showed him “Secret Hiding Places”, the book by the International Library of Poetry,[…]

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