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Date : July 2000

July 11, 2000: Dream

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Published on: 2000.07.11

I dreamed I was watching a movie with my Mom. We were the only ones in the theater. Then I saw myself on screen. Mom said, “That’s you, isn’t it?” My role was only in one scene. I was wearing my Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses and a muscle shirt. The scene was filmed over the star’s[…]

July 9, 2000: Stroke of the Jedi (Dream)

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Published on: 2000.07.09

I dreamed my Dad had a stroke and wanted me to be a Jedi Knight. Dad was barely cognizant — kept nodding, his head turned to his left — but when he spoke to me, he mentioned some test I had taken as a child, the results of which indicated I should become a Jedi[…]

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