First Official Entry

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Published on: 2005.02.02

Well, I guess this is my first official weblog entry. Am I joining the 21st Century yet, or am I too late? I don’t even know what the hell blogging is, but I’ve got cool friends on here, so I decided to join up.

For other info on what I’ve been up to, visit my website at

There, you’ll find my newest favorite photographs, poems (both old & new), as well as some of the fiction and editorials I’ve written.

The “currently watching” feature on here sucks. As does my TV. I’m currently watching “The Simpsons,” since I only get one channel. Seminole is so far from the beaten path that you MUST have cable or satellite to get any television at all, unlike what I’m used to. But I like this little hamlet, for some reason.

(Originally published on another blogging site, hence the reference to “currently watching” feature.)

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