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Published on: 2010.10.04

Since my last post here, we’ve received a few more gifts from family and friends (from the Baby Gift Registry I mentioned earlier).

On Tuesday (Sept. 28), we received a Diaper Genie Elite II and a Wal-Mart gift card from two of my wife’s relatives. Then on Friday (Oct. 1), we received a rocker-glider chair and ottoman from my wife’s best friend Kristen. For a slideshow of me assembling the rocker-glider, click here.

Also, I finally installed the wall mirrors we bought at Ikea more than a month ago. They provide a nice accent to the entryway of our house, and give my wife a good place to check her appearance right before heading out the front door. Click here to see several images of me installing the mirrors.

The nights have been cool lately, about 50-60°F, but the afternoons are still up around 80-85°F. Our air conditioner now doesn’t kick on at night at all, and only a few times during the day. I think our power consumption over the last two weeks combined is about half of what it was during the first week we were in the house.

My wife is now about 175 lbs. and getting very round in the middle. We have about seven or eight weeks left in the pregnancy, if all goes normally (which it has so far). She’s still working full shifts, and still cooking supper most evenings, though she’s limiting her time on her feet. Every time she has to sit down to take a break, she gives me this frustrated look. A few times, she’s exclaimed, “I’m so sorry I can’t do as much as I used to.”

I’m never sure how to respond to this. I’ve *always* felt my wife does more than she has to. Not only working a stressful job to keep our bills paid, but cooking fantastic meals in the evenings. I know she’s sensing that the next month will be even worse, but I assure her that she’s doing plenty, and that I’m fully capable of doing more.

The last few days, it’s really started to hit home to me that I’ll never be a non-father again. I suppose this feeling is similar to what some grooms feel right before a wedding — but I never had a moment’s doubt before marrying my darling. It was the most sure I’ve ever been about anything in my life, and I’ve never had a second thought about marrying her, or wondered what life would be like if we hadn’t married.

But now, with our baby’s due date less than two months away, I’ll admit that a little fearful of the responsibility. And, to quote my wife: “I hope our baby likes me.”

Some images from this post:

Gift for Baby: Diaper Genie & Gift Card Glider-Rocker (from Kristen) Belly Progress (32 Weeks) Entryway Mirrors

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