Breathing Real Air

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Published on: 2010.10.17

Yesterday’s visit with Rebecca was extremely rewarding. We saw her for two “hands on” sessions, once at 2 p.m. and again at 5 p.m. Each time, we were with her for about an hour.

The biggest news is that her nasal breathing tubes were removed sometime during the previous night shift. She’s now breathing normal room air, and seems to be doing okay. Her heart rate is doing fine, as is her respiration count.

She’s still getting just a little help from an IV, but they moved the IV from her forearm to her foot to make her arm movements more comfortable and to give the arm a chance to heal up. The drip has been slowed as she eats more.

Speaking of eating, she was up to 28mL of breast milk yesterday, and guzzling it down most times (though when Marline and I were there, she was a little distracted and didn’t want to eat as much).

Basically, she has three hurdles left to cross before they’ll send her home:

1) Increase milk intake to 45-50mL per feeding

2) Continue to gain weight (goes hand-in-hand with #1)

3) Maintain her own body temperature

4) Have no significant heart-rate drops for a seven-day period.

There’s no “minimum weight” she has to gain, the nurse told us yesterday. In the past, they required five pounds, mostly because a lot of infant car seats are only rated down to five pounds. Ours is rated at five pounds, so the restriction is because of our seat, not because of the hospital.

She’s had two heart rate drops, which is normal. One was during her first day, as they did a lot of fiddling with her, and the other was during the fourth day.

We can tell she’s enjoying life quite a bit at this point, and seems to be taking all the change very stoically. In fact, she’s no longer complaining about the temperature readings or the diaper changes, and seems to enjoy those as much as any other type of interaction.


Rebecca’s own personal web page is now live. You can see it here:

From now on, that’s the only bookmark you need to keep up with her progress. That page has links to all blogs about Rebecca (including this one), all videos of Rebecca, and all pictures of Rebecca, as well as a complete list of gifts that were purchased for her by friends and family.

For my extended family members who were having trouble going from the blog to Flickr, to YouTube, and back again, this is your answer.

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