Rebecca Is A Citizen

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Published on: 2010.10.24

We’ve now received Rebecca’s Social Security Card in the mail, so she’s officially recognized by at least one branch of the U.S. government as a human being. And they needn’t worry; she’ll soon be a taxpayer and consumer.

In fact, due solely to her birth and the dozens of gifts we’ve received, Rebecca has already done more than her fair share to stimulate the economy.

Her birth certificate is still under construction. Apparently, it takes the state of Texas six weeks to type up a one-page form after someone is born. Probably much of that time is taken up by clerks trying to figure out which printer is connected to their computer. We’ve been told it’ll be ready in late November, and we have to drive to the office to pick it up (and pay a fee, of course).


(And remember, Rebecca has her own web page now, with links to all her videos, images and blogs, as well as a list of all gifts we’ve received.)

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