I’m doing multiple posts today, so feel free to check my last one before reading this one.

A gripe: I just saw a Wendy’s commercial. A guy was sitting in his crappy apartment & complaining that he only had “a buck.” His friend says, happily, “That’s MORE than enough, dude!” And he goes on to explain that some burger at Wendy’s only costs 99 cents. I said to my TV, “You mean, ‘A dollar is ALMOST enough,’ right?” Because what self-respecting restaurant isn’t charging tax? I know, they’re trying to make a point. (I think). But apparently they believe Americans haven’t heard of sales tax. Seriously. At the end of the commercial, the “friend” asks, “So, what are you going to do with the leftover penny?” What f***ing leftover penny? (I wondered). He’s got to come up with seven or eight more cents (depending on where you live), to finish paying for his burger.

Also, yesterday, I saw a Burger King commercial about the “junior Whopper” costing only 99 cents. And they made it sound like that was a good deal. It’s depressing, because just two years ago, the REGULAR Whopper cost only 99 cents, for a “limited time” (most of the time).

On a more personal note, I’ve had to change the “greeting” on my answering machine. It’s just a symptom of the bigger problem I’ve been having. More than once in the last seven days, people have approached me in my personal time, with work-related matters. Today, I came home to a message on my answering machine about some picture a lady brought to the paper a few days ago, and wanted to know if I could find it for her, so she could pick it up. OF COURSE, I’ll be glad to find it for you, ma’am! Maybe it’s under my couch! Jiminy Christmas. Really, though, I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear the message. If she calls me at work, or comes in, I’ll do what I can. But don’t call me at home for work-related stuff. I could understand it if I were operating a home-owned business, but this lady’s been taking our newspaper since before I was born.

This keeps happening to me.

Maybe I live in some kind of bubble world, but I thought it was common practice to visit/contact a business during business hours, if you wanted to conduct business. Am I the only one who thinks this?

Remember that movie, “What About Bob?” When Bill Murray’s character tried to see his psychiatrist while the good doctor was on vacation? Yeah, we all laughed at that. But people do this every day, I guess. I wonder if this woman who called (and the others who’ve contacted me) ever showed up at her grocer’s house in the middle of the night, wanting to buy groceries? Have you ever called the employee of an optometrist at home, trying to get a new prescription for your glasses?

Then why in the world do people think they should call a newspaper employee at home, to conduct newspaper business?

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