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Published on: 2006.05.11

(Not in order of importance, except 1-3. The rest are just in the order they popped into my mind.)

1. She actually LIKES me, man!
2. Smartest girl I know (and knows how to use it)
3. Hotness quotient.
4. She likes having her picture taken (and I like taking pictures!)
5. I rarely have to explain anything to her.
6. She’s nice to me.
7. She’s interested in what I do.
8. Can’t live without her.
9. She uses correct grammar 99.6 percent of the time, which is more than I can say for most people (and I’m obsessive-compulsive about grammar).
10. She buys me cute little gifts.
11. She’s so cute when she falls asleep during movies.
12. She reminds me that 33 isn’t really that old.
13. Good cook.
14. Doesn’t mind learning new things.
15. Really cute (in addition to #3).
16. Sincere smile.
17. I actually learn things from her.
18. Non-refundable tickets.
19. Emotional support.
20. We’ll have beautiful kids.

20 Days Until
Marline Arrives!

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