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Published on: 2006.06.03

“United 93”
(Movie Review)

Tonight, Marline and I saw “United 93,” the authentic-as-possible retelling of the events surrounding the one hijacked plane on Sept. 11, 2001, that didn’t get to its target.

We both came away from the theater thinking it was a well-done movie. I know that many people won’t want to see it, because they have no desire to relive the horror of that day. I fully understand that perspective.

But as for me, I missed much of the day’s news, because I was stuck inside Seminole’s Wrangler jeans factory, where the managers weren’t giving us any news about the day’s events, other than a one-sentence announcement over the PA system, about two hours after it happened. So, ever since, I’ve been more than a little interested.

I had also read up on the movie, and found that it was supposed to be a true-to-life version of the story. This seemed to be the case. The writers and directors of the movie did as much research as could be done into the known facts of United Airlines Flight 93 on that day, and tried to tell the story as faithfully as possible.

There weren’t any big-name actors, or expensive special effects. There weren’t any one-liners or weird-feeling “Hollywood” moments that usually ruin most films for me. This one felt like real life. It felt like I was there.

It was definitely worth a watch, for me.

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