July 2017 Weather Summary (Killeen)

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Published on: 2017.08.01

Temperature trend lines for July, 2010-2017.
(Copyright © 2017 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)

July 2017 was warmer than the eight-year average for July, with an HLA of 88.32°F, though slightly cooler than the previous July. As seen on the graph above, we hit an all-time high in 2011, cooled from there, and recently rose again. July 2016 and 2017 are the second and third-warmest Julys, respectively.

This year, both June and July have been cooler than the same months in 2016, though July was very close. The previous five months all showed warming trends over 2016.

Our high for the month was 106°F, the second-highest July temp since we moved here, and among the highest July temps of all time for this region. Our low for the month was 73°F, which is warmer than our average. This is part of the ongoing trend of our lows getting warmer (the area doesn’t cool off as quickly at night as it used to). This is the sixth consecutive month with a warmer-than-average low.

We set three daily records this July — 102°F on the 22nd, 104°F on the 28th, and 106°F on the 29th. The last of those broke a 20-year-old record; the other two broke records set since we moved here. Once again, we did not set any record lows.

Every day of July 2017 exceeded 90°F, and we saw 11 days of 100°F or higher, which is very close to average and identical with the past two Julys.

I measured 0.36 inches of rainfall for July 2017, well below July’s already-dry average, and the lowest monthly total so far this year. Six days saw precipitation, which is above average for July. Almost all the rain was concentrated in the early days of the month; by the end of July I finally had to water my lawn — the first time this year.


Despite the May and June not holding up, 2017 is still capable of beating 2012 as our hottest year on record, because of our very warm beginning (our combined January-thru-April HLA has never been this warm).

The lows from February, March, and June were warmer than they’ve ever been, and our last freezing day was in the second week of January (unprecedented).

Rain-wise, this is the first year we’ve lived here in which all six of the first six months have seen two or more inches of rainfall. In fact, most years see at least one early month with less than one inch of rain. For the first time, our rain has been spread out evenly through the spring and early summer, instead of coming in bursts separated by long dry stretches. Our year-to-date total is 22.24 inches.

My prediction: we’ll have our second-rainiest year since living here (2015 being the rainiest year with 46.8 inches), and the second-hottest year.

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