2013.12.13: B Stands Without Help

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In this entry:

➤ B stands without help (with support)
➤ Improving the flash bracket
➤ Other notes on our day
➤ Late packages

What's The Big Deal?
BWF wonders why I’m so excited
(Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

◊ B stands without help (with support)

The last thing that happened today will be listed first. While MF was bathing RLF, I sat BWF next to his exersaucer and took a few camera items into my office. I was gone four seconds. When I returned to the living room, he was standing. He’d pulled himself up using the bars of the exersaucer. It’s the first time he’s pulled himself into the standing position without anyone’s help.

First Time To Stand (Supported) First Time To Stand (Supported)
BWF standing, using the exersaucer for support, having pulled himself up without help
(Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

◊ Improving the flash bracket

Just before supper, I turned one of my DIY dual flash brackets into a triple flash bracket by drilling an extra hole in the middle of the T-strap.

DIY Flash Bracket 3 (Upgraded)
Three flash units mounted on a 6″x6″ T-strap from Ace Hardware
(Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

DIY Flash Bracket 3 (Upgraded)
Your basic T-strap, with 11 pre-drilled holes and one in the center that I added today
(Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

◊ Other notes on our day

BWF spent most of the day trying to pull himself into the standing position, using my leg, RLF’s high chair, the sofa, the entertainment center, and everything else. He did play with toys some, and ate decently. Took a nap at the same time as RLF.

RLF played well, alone, with me, and with BWF. She’s getting better about paying attention to him — he craves it, but she usually avoids him.

◊ Late packages

I keep getting email alerts from Amazon that a couple of my packages are running late because of “weather conditions or a natural disaster”, without any specifics. These are the Christmas gifts I’ve ordered for family members. One arrived without issue on Thursday, despite the natural disaster and/or weather conditions, having come by the same route (according to tracking information). The others were supposed to arrive on Wednesday but are still at large.

As long as they get here within a week or so, I’ll be able to get them to my family by Christmas.

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