2013.10.24: Sweet Berry Farm

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Published on: 2013.10.24
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➤ Trip to Sweet Berry Farm
➤ The rest of our day
➤ Weather
➤ UPDATE (link to images)

◊ Trip to Sweet Berry Farm

Today, we made our third annual day trip to Sweet Berry Farm, in Burnet County, Texas, just northwest of Marble Falls.

Our 2012 trip log
Our 2011 trip log

We took the same route as last year and it took about 75 minutes to get there and 80 minutes to get back. BWF cried most of the way there; RLF has learned to mostly ignore this and watch her DVD. Unlike the last two times, this trip was made in the morning, hoping to avoid afternoon heat.

Upon arrival, we realized immediately we’d come too late in the season; the place was crowded. There were at least six school (day care) buses, and then a 72-passenger bus pulled in from the Texas School for the Deaf. The rest of the parking lot was filled by the time we got out of our car and walked to the ticket counter — we’d never seen it full before. Mark it down for next year; we’ll come the first week of October.

RLF had to use the baby potty we’d brought in the car; the lines at the portable bathrooms were exceedingly long with slightly older children.

MF waited with BWF while I took the daughter through the Candy Corn maze; she didn’t cry this time, and walked the entire way, though she begged me several times to carry her. She eventually had fun by picking up fallen corn stalks and waving them around like swords — even after an employee warned her that the blades were sharp and that she would cut her hands (she made it out without injury). She found the bell at the end and rang it, and then led me back to the beginning.

Despite forecasts that said it would be in the mid-60s all morning, it was already 70 degrees when we arrived before 10 a.m. And rising. Both kids got changed out of their long sleeves, which put them in better moods. I shed my outer shirt.

RLF flopped out crying when she asked for a drink and I said she’d just had one. She wailed as if I’d stabbed her with a harpoon. I told her she could drink if she ate some crackers first, which she quickly rebutted with more crying, but eventually accepted my offer and ate about 20 crackers without stopping.

She had fun with the pumpkin piles, and noticed they were all wet (from dew) on the shadowed side. I think she touched ever single pumpkin and gourd, checking for water. She offered some of her drink to a scarecrow.

Then she bawled and cried when we started walking toward the hayride (on the other side of the road, through the walk-thru culvert). “I want to take a nap!” she screamed through her tears. “I want to go home!” It was embarrassing, to say the least.

On the other side of the highway, she quieted down, petted a cat, tried to feed a goat (dropped the feed on the ground just out of his reach), posed for photos, and generally had fun. She had a really good time on the hay ride, counting scarecrows and describing them. It’s her fourth hay ride; she should be an expert by now. It was BWF’s second hay ride; he was patient with it, then fell asleep near the end.

After some photos of the wildflowers, we left. Ate lunch at McDonald’s in Marble Falls, which included crying from both children. RLF fell asleep in the car as soon as we left. BWF cried the entire way home, falling asleep just as our neighborhood came within sight — which is what MF and I had predicted he would do.

◊ The rest of our day

BWF finally had a long nursing session and went to sleep for more than two hours.

MF, who’d been up since 5 a.m. with both children, tried to take a nap on the sofa, knowing that RLF wouldn’t let her. RLF spent the next hour or so trying to keep MF awake by crying and whining.

I took my leave and went to Walmart. I finally found pants — I’ve mentioned previously that I was having trouble finding them. I also bought windshield wipers for the Mercury Sable and a $2 Halloween costume for RLF. Then I filled the Neon with gas for $2.999 per gallon at H-E-B’s station, the cheapest we’ve seen since December.

Back at home, RLF played outside while I changed out the windshield wipers.

Then both children cried their way through supper, while I hid in the office and offloaded photos from the day (still not fully processed — give me a day or two). Once they were done crying/eating, I had my supper (I learned three years ago that I physically can’t eat if they’re crying).

After supper, RLF had some issues, so we instituted the early cleanup policy, then bathed her and sent her to bed early. BWF dropped off not long after.

MF and I agreed that any future day trips will be done on her first day off, not the last, so we have time to recover physically and emotionally before she returns to work. Today was exhausting and frustrating, yet still filled with fun and enjoyable moments.

◊ Weather (Killeen)

low: 56°F
high: 85°F
clear skies all day

◊ UPDATE, Oct. 25, 2013

I’ve posted several images photos in a new entry.

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