Has It Been That Long?

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Published on: 2007.10.09

Yes, I guess it HAS been that long. Nearly a month since my last post.

For a veritable diary of what I’ve been doing lately, check my web page Recent Photoshoots [old link removed]. While the football season continues, the high school softball season is almost wrapped up.

In fact, the softball season would have wrapped up Saturday night, except for the rain. One of the teams I cover — Konawa — was supposed to play in the Class 2A State Championship Saturday night. Marline and I were there, ready to cover it in spite of the mist, but the mist changed to a steady rain, and the games were postponed until Monday. And then till Tuesday — tonight!

So, after tonight, I hope to be done with fast-pitch for a year (yes, Oklahoma high schools play fast-pitch in the fall, while slow-pitch is in the spring, a reverse of what would normally make sense.)

The Seminole County football scene has changed this year. Normally, Seminole is undefeated by this point in the year, but in 2007 they’re struggling with a 3-3 record, and will have to fight for a playoff spot (they haven’t missed the playoffs since 1984). For the last few years, Maud has been at the bottom of the heap, but they’re undefeated so far this season and ranked #1 in their district. The Wewoka Tigers are in bad shape at 2-4, but not as bad as last season (0-10). They continue to struggle with discipline, and off-field problems, despite a new coach who knows what he’s doing. The other three teams I cover — Konawa Tigers, Sasakwa Vikings, and Bowlegs Bison — aren’t doing well at all, but each team is showing signs of life the last couple of games.

For the next three weeks or so, all I have to cover is football, but then basketball starts for four other schools: Varnum, New Lima, Strother, and Butner. By the end of November, the six football schools will begin basketball too.

Marline and I are doing well as a couple. We make it day by day, constantly trying to do things for each other that remind us we’re in it for the long haul. She helps me take notes at my football games, which is a tremendous help, and I’m there for her as an emotional crying shoulder when her job gives her too much stress.

This past weekend, we took a road trip to Texas, driving my mother to my sister’s house in Abilene. We got her there on time — my sister had a baby boy this morning! Marline drove all the way to Abilene (5.5 hours), and I drove all the way back (5.25 hours). It’s too bad we couldn’t stay long enough to meet our newest nephew, whose name is William. My brother-in-law Bobby has posted some photos of the new arrival on his Flickr Photostream.

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