June 12, 2013: Benjamin Comes Home

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Published on: 2013.06.12

Morning: Rebecca, my parents and I all drove to the hospital to meet Benjamin. Took a bunch of pictures. MF said she was fine, didn’t need me to stay.

Meeting Benjamin
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Gramps and #12
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Lunch: MF ate whatever the hospital brought her; she didn’t get a choice. The rest of us ate at Bush’s Chicken on Clear Creek.

Afternoon: Rebecca napped (my Dad did too, while I was talking to him, I think).

Evening: lunch at Billy Bob’s Burgers; Rebecca ate part of Mom’s cheeseburger, a first. Then shopping at H-E-B and back to the house. RLF played outside a bit. Talked to neighbors, who were excited for us.

Just as we were putting Rebecca down for the night (oh! how I miss my wife!), MF called to say she was discharged and that BWF would be discharged as soon as he finished a blood test. We finished putting Rebecca down (my mother had to finish the job as my Dad and I left). Dad and I attached the infant car seat and set off after a minor delay (I spent 10 minutes looking for the insert headrest but didn’t find it).

When we got to the hospital, they let us back quickly, unlike the previous night. My wife was still waiting for BWF to return from his blood test. She was all packed up and ready to go. When the baby came back to the room, she signed a few papers and we were out of there.

Dad drove my wife’s Neon home while I drove the minivan. We arrived home at 10:20 p.m. or so. Two neighbors were just getting home then and got to meet Benjamin immediately.

I recall that we talked a bunch (my parents and I) and then I went to bed after midnight.

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  1. mamaolive says:

    Very good! We were guessing they’d have to stay until the following morning. It’s always so nice to get everyone back home.

  2. Cassie says:

    I’m glad to hear everything went well and everyone is home!

  3. Sharon says:

    Wow that was quick. I personally liked staying in the hospital until I knew the babe didn’t have jaundice and all systems were operational. Plus, I knew when I got home, the crazy days of being with a newborn would begin…(no sleep, day and night confusion, etc) I’m happy that you and Marline are now experiencing a “normal” delivery and coming home. I know how harrowing it was for you both when Rebecca was born. You both deserve this wonderful, beautiful, special time to bond as a family.

  4. Wil C. Fry says:

    Shari: We were beginning to suspect that too. And of course, after our 26-day ordeal last time, we were in a little bit of a hurry. :-)

    Cassie: Thanks!

    Sharon: Thank you. Almost everything about this birth was different from the last one (isn’t it always? :-) ), and in so many ways it was better. Some things that weren’t better: Marline didn’t like the room she was in or the food they gave her. And since there was no tearing (and thus no stitches), she was good to go.

    (Had to bring BWF back later for circumcision — they’d had too many boys on the same day.)

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