Jan. 21, 2013: Preparing the Nursery

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Published on: 2013.01.21

Rebecca and I rearranged a little furniture in the master bedroom today — mostly moving the bed closer to the window. This makes room for a baby crib between the wall and MF’s side of the bed. Rebecca wondered what all the space was for, so I brought out the crib mattress and showed her where it would go. She had a good time bouncing on the mattress and sliding on it — it’s vinyl, so very slippery.

We talked about the baby, growing in Mommy’s tummy. She asked me if it was a “bee” or a “dur”. I told her I didn’t know. I told her it would be “Felicia” if it’s a girl and “Benjamin” if it’s a boy. I asked her if she could say Felicia. No. I asked her if she could say Benjamin. She said “Bennamin”. When Mommy got home later, she said she’d dreamt it was a boy.

From yesterday:

Rebecca plays supermarket/restaurant in the pantry
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Had Subway for supper, where Rebecca played with an 18-month-old girl. They chased each other around the (newly-enlarged but mostly empty) restaurant for about 20 minutes.

Earlier in the day, I went through Rebecca’s ABC book, which we do every Monday and Friday (the two school days that Mommy’s at work). This is the first time we made it all the way to Z. I make her repeat the letters after I say them. She still can’t do any K or S sounds, so she also can’t say C or X. Then I name the drawings on the page and she repeats those too.

Sometimes she skips ahead. If I turn to the first page and say “A”, she says “B” and tries to turn the page. Sometimes when I name the drawings, she makes the appropriate sound. Example: I say “guitar” and she makes a guitar sound. I say “elephant” and she makes the elephant sound, using her arm as a trunk. I say “zebra” and she says “moo” (she also does that for pandas sometimes).

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