Oct. 18, 2012: Sweet Berry Farm

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Published on: 2012.10.18

In the morning, Rebecca and my wife went to the grocery store. I mowed the back yard and took my car out to get gas and a wash. After lunch, we head to Sweet Berry Farm.

Last year’s trip was immense fun (blog entry), despite the trouble getting there (3 hours) and back (90 minutes), so we’ve decided to make it an annual trip. This year, we took a more direct route, instead of sticking to the two main highways.

South on 195 to Florence, west on 138, (slight jog on 183), west on FM243 to Bertram, west on 29 to Burnet, south on 281 to Marble Falls.

It took 72 minutes to get there and 72 minutes to return, and we avoided all the Ft. Hood traffic. It was 62 miles both ways.

This time, Rebecca only napped about 30 minutes in the car. She begged to get on the bouncy thingy, but then wouldn’t bounce after we’d bought a ticket. She acted like she was enjoying the “Candy Corn Maze”, but then started bawling halfway through. She smiled a bit when she rang the bell at the end, but cried on the way back. She played a bit on the toy tractor, but cried when the steering wheel came off.

She ate half a banana and then had some juice. That helped.

We walked under the highway again — she loved the echo inside the culvert and was mostly happy on the other side, admiring the flowers, the train, the horses, the goats — especially the baby goats. She paid rapt attention during the hay ride and looked at all the scarecrows. She ate some grapes and watched a delivery truck unload something (she loves trucks and buses).

We were there about two hours. She was quiet and ate grapes all the way home.

We played outside in the front for an hour or so, then had supper. We played out back for 30 minutes after supper.

I’m still formatting images from the Oklahoma trip, so I won’t have the Sweet Berry Farm photos up for a week or so.

All in all it was a much better trip than last year, but not quite as fun while we were there. We plan to return again next year, but maybe a little earlier in the season when it’s not so crowded.

EDIT: Oct. 25, 2012

Photos now online; they’re in Rebecca’s Oct. 2012 set.

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