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Published on: 2008.11.01

As some of you know, I read books all the time. I read science fiction, history, biographies, mysteries, political thrillers, and other fiction and non-fiction. Constantly.

But I rarely recommend a book.

Here’s one. I just finished “The Innocent Man” — the first non-fiction book written by novelist John Grisham.

After a couple of his novels, I grew tired of seemingly monotonous plot lines and stories that seemed just like the last one. But I read “The Innocent Man” because it dealt with real-life events in the town of Ada, just south of Seminole, where I live.

It was fantastic, and gripping. I read the entire book in four days (with my hectic schedule, it usually takes me a couple of weeks to finish a book).

The most interesting thing, for me, is that I actually knew, or had worked with, several of the people in the book. As you may know, I worked the courts and police beat for my newspaper, before switching (thankfully) to the Sports Department. So I’ve been in court with several of the attorneys mentioned, and a couple of the alleged and convicted criminals. I have interviewed some of these people, for other cases.

I was amazed at how accurate Grisham’s portrayal was of the personalities, towns, and court rooms involved in the story.

Because I’m still involved in the newspaper business and because I work hard to keep myself unbiased professionally, I won’t give my opinions on the events covered in the story. But if you’re interested in real-life crime stories, this book is for you. No matter what your opinion on the death penalty, the justice system, etc., I think you’ll find this one interesting, if you have the time.

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