She Loves Her Grandparents

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Published on: 2011.01.05

Rebecca had her first visit from family earlier this week and seemed to really enjoy it.

Sunday evening, my parents arrived in Killeen from Seminole County, Okla., for their first visit with their newest grandchild (they already have two grandchildren from my sister Heather, and seven grandchildren and a step-grandchild from my sister Shari).

My wife was off work for the first part of this week and my parents had just ended a long string of projects and family obligations that have kept them away, so it seemed like a perfect time for this visit.

Rebecca was in a great mood most of the time, though her sleeping and feeding pattern got a little out-of-kilter during the visit. She enjoyed being held by her grandparents, especially her grandmother (my Mom), and smiled some of her hugest smiles ever at them.

She also likes seeing new things. It was obvious from the get-go that the patterns on my Mom’s blouses were interesting to her, and she really liked my Dad’s sweater too.

Rebecca is still in the process of learning to reach for and grasp things, and my Dad helped her with that. Once, he was holding her while sitting at the dining room table, just below the tabletop. She’d never seen the underside of the table before, and so she reached out and grasped it, then felt it for several minutes. She also opened her hands to feel the fabric of his sweater.

Sunday evening, my wife made a casserole for dinner, which we all enjoyed. Monday, we gave my wife some time alone with Rebecca (which she rarely gets) while we shopped at H-E-B and then ate lunch at Old Chicago. That evening, my parents and I drove out to Target to pick up a few items, then returned home. They still felt stuffed from lunch, so instead of my wife cooking another dinner, we just had a few leftovers and then snacked on chips while playing Rummikub, which my Dad won (as he had last time).

They left on Tuesday, after lunch, heading back north.


Due to user error, almost the images I made during their visit were deleted from the camera’s memory card before they could be copied to my computer and backed up. This is the first time I’ve ever done this with images so important and I was pretty frustrated with myself.

I downloaded four file-recovery applications (all free) last night. Here are my experiences with them.

In the end, I now have about 65-75% of the images I should have had, and I’ll upload them to Flickr within the next few days.

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