2015.10.15.TH: Birthday and Sweet Berry Farm

Seven days in one entry:
(Adapted from private journal file.)

Every day that M worked, RL woke me *just* before I was ready to wake up. It began to take its toll.

2015.10.09, Friday

M made homemade pizza in the evening, the first we’ve had since discovering BW’s dairy allergy nearly two years ago. It was great.

M and I each called the police for a noise complaint on the street behind us; they were having some kind of party on their front porch — loud music, shouting, etc. They eventually quieted by 23:00 or so. I don’t know if the police ever came.

2015.10.10, Saturday

RL’s birthday party:

I picked up the cake (“Princess World”) at H-E-B just after 09:00 and brought it home. M spent most of the morning getting the kids ready for the birthday party. She kept getting text messages saying kids weren’t going to be able to come because they had the stomach flu, so she was getting depressed.

RL told M her stomach hurt too and she didn’t want to go.

We got in the minivan at 09:40, ready to go, and then RL vomited out the side of the van, getting it all over the garage floor and on the upholstery of the vehicle. So we unloaded the minivan while M and I wiped up the mess as best we could. Then got back in and left, arriving slightly late.

A few kids did show up. BW ate 2.5 slices of pizza and a cup of lemonade without help.

When RL opened her gifts, she said about one of them: “This is what I dreamed about all last night” (a set of princesses from April and Tony). Later, she exclaimed: “This is the best birthday of my whole life.”

We finally left just after 12:00 and invited M’s coworker, husband and child to our house, and they followed us. The three kids played well *near* each other (not necessarily *with* each other) and it was a good time for all.

All in all, a very good day. (Not 100%, but close.)

2015.10.11, Monday

RL’s actual birthday.

I think BW felt a bit left out after yesterday; he suddenly became more possessive about “his” things, and both M and I caught him muttering to himself: “My, baw-baw, my, bah-bah” (Mine, Rebecca’s, Mine, Rebecca’s).

After M got home, I finally got the bicycle out of my car’s trunk and brought it in; it’s been in there three weeks or so. RL was pretty happy to see it, and the new bike helmet and air pump. BW climbed on the bike immediately but couldn’t ride it.

After supper at McAlister’s — a treat for RL — we played outside. RL rode her bike. At first, she said she couldn’t do it, but then she saw some other kids outside and showed off for them; she could ride just fine. She went up and down the hill a few times. She has to get off to turn it around. She rode better after taking off the knee pads; I think they were restricting her leg movements somewhat.

Today’s high was 96°F, breaking the record set in 1979. And we didn’t just *touch* that; we stayed at that temperature for nearly four hours — 13:00 to 16:50.

Another really good day.


At one point during the day, RL came up to me holding her Anna (from Frozen) doll, and speaking in the doll’s voice: “Smell my hair.” I was surprised and refused at first. She said: “Come on; smell it. I think it smells funny.” I leaned in to smell the plastic doll’s hair, when RL moved the doll quickly to my lips, and made kissing sounds. She shouted — still in the doll’s voice — “Now we’re friends! And we’re going to have lots of babies!”

Later, she told me: “Tonight, Mommy and me are going to have a makeup party. We’ll get all happy and makeupped.”

2015.10.12, Monday

We passed yesterday’s high (96°F) today at 12:50 and zoomed on to 100°F by 14:20, another daily record (beating 1989), and the first time in my life I’ve seen 100°F in October.

After supper, we played outside until dark — 19:20. RL practiced riding her bike again, riding uphill and down. She had trouble getting started uphill, so I showed her the trick of rotating one pedal just forward of the upright position so she had more leverage on it. She got going pretty fast a few times. As soon as we have a cool enough day, I’ll let her ride it down to the walking paths so she can ride to her heart’s content.

2015.10.13, Tuesday

Today, we made our 5th annual trip to Sweet Berry Farm (BW’s third).

For the first time, we stopped for a picnic lunch — I chose Johnson Park in Marble Falls after looking at Google Maps (Bing Maps wasn’t showing town names for some reason). We got there in 71 minutes (60 miles), and had a great time. The park had lovely shade trees near the river and plenty of picnic tables. There were also two very nice playgrounds that both our kids enjoyed for a while. From there, it was just 4.5 miles over to Sweet Berry Farm.

Despite being in the low 90s, it didn’t feel quite so hot since the two previous days in Killeen had been even hotter. There was a light breeze and the humidity was low. We did our normal activities — hay ride, photos with pumpkins and signs, petting the goats, navigating the “candy corn maze”. This was RL’s second year to paint a pumpkin and BW’s first. RL got her face painted (first time), and both kids rode the “Sweet Berry Express” for the first time; it’s a tractor pulling a line of barrels with wheels welded to them.

I think it was the first time neither kid cried during our entire visit.

On the way home (63 miles in 81 minutes), both kids napped.

After supper, RL had her first crash (was looking down instead of forward and turned the handlebars too far for her speed) and rode down to the mailbox and back for the first time. BW ran ahead of us.

92°F today in Killeen, which felt a lot cooler than yesterday, but still broke a record (1999).

2015.10.14, Wednesday

RL got her own library card (now that she’s five).

We saw 96°F today, breaking the old record from 1991. It’s the fourth day in a row we’ve set a record high.

MRB hosted a playdate with two boys who couldn’t make it to RL’s party.

Another really good day. Kids went to sleep quickly.

2015.10.15, Thursday

When I went to put BW down for his nap, I asked if he wanted me to sing a song to him, and he said: “No, baw-baw.” I thought he was asking for “Ba Ba Black Sheep”, but he said no. I asked him if he wanted me to tell him a story, and he repeated: “No, baw-baw.” I finally realized he was asking for Rebecca, who sometimes tells him a story at nap time. So I called her in and she told him a story; he went right to sleep.

Her story: “Once upon a time, there was a girl named Nothing. But she wanted a name like everyone else. She asked for the name Rebecca Lisette Fry, and they gave her the name she wanted. And then she had a little brother, also named Nothing. He needed a name too, so they gave him the name Benjamin Wesley Fry, which had been his mother’s name. Since he took his mother’s name, her name was now Nothing. And the whole world changed. Their house changed, there were toilet seat phones, and there was a big mountain. When everyone asked about the changes, they said to ask Nothing. Everyone didn’t know their mother’s name was Nothing, so they thought they didn’t have a mother, so no one asked her. The End.”

While RL was at dance class, BW and I went to Lion’s Club Park. At the park, Benjamin played heartily and well for 45 solid minutes. He didn’t want to leave afterward, but didn’t cry when I made him go.

Set another daily temperature record: 95°F (beating 1999), which makes five days in a row we’ve set a record.

It was another really good day. M and I decided that we’ll put the bunk beds back together during her next days off, since BW can climb so well at the playground — I’m past the fear that he’ll hurt himself trying to get down from the top bunk (which is why we took it down in the first place). It will clear the room again for more play space, and allow me to hang the new Forhoja shelves we bought at Ikea last week.

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