Miraculous Weight Gain or Broken Scale?

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Published on: 2011.07.26

The day after Valentina’s visit ended, Rebecca was due back at the pediatrician’s office, as I mentioned two weeks ago. (The doctor had been concerned about low weight, and wanted to re-weigh in two weeks.)

So yesterday we drove over there and weighed Rebecca again. She was 17 pounds and 12 ounces. That’s not surprising unless you consider her weight two weeks ago: 15 pounds and 5 ounces. That’s a difference of 39 ounces (2 lbs. 7 oz.).

I’ve never heard of a baby this age gaining 39 ounces in 14 days… That’s nearly three ounces a day on average. And keep in mind that Rebecca had regular diaper-related activity during that time, perhaps even more than usual. And she was crawling like a maniac every day, and sleeping less than usual, all of which add up to less weight gain, not more.

The doctor hasn’t called yet with her conclusions; maybe she’s now assuming what we were thinking all along — there was a problem with the doctor’s office scale two weeks ago.

Also yesterday, Rebecca had blood drawn in the lab. This was supposed to have been done on July 11, but our doctor postponed it due to Rebecca’s illness and alleged low weight.

We had braced ourselves for a bout of screaming and kicking, but were pleasantly surprised. Rebecca didn’t jerk when they pricked her finger. (They’d initially wanted a vein, but couldn’t find one; I think Rebecca gets her hidden veins from my mother.) She continued to look on with a curious expression and brave looks at Mommy and Daddy while the technician squeezed out two vials of blood from the finger.

Afterward, she got a SpongeBob Squarepants bandage on her finger, and she acted like she recognized the character (from Mommy’s pajamas, no doubt). Naturally, she wanted to eat the bandage. We tried to stop her, but after we’d been home a few minutes, she had removed the bandage and was trying to swallow it. The finger was no longer bleeding by that time.

Anyway, we were pleased her weight had “improved” so much, and by how well she reacted to being bled out.


Yesterday, she also moved from one object to another while standing. She’d been holding onto the sofa, and turned 180 degrees to switch her hands to the coffee table (both are about shoulder-height for her) about 18 inches away.

Today, she crawled between the couch and loveseat, a space of about eight inches, something she’s normally unwilling to do, and then crawled beneath the legs of two tray tables, including high-stepping over the crossbars. About 20 minutes later, she crawled underneath a dining room chair, something else she’d never done despite many opportunities.

  1. Sherry says:

    I’m sure many doctors are overly cautious because of the possibility of lawsuits; sad, but understandable. Anyone who has followed Rebecca’s growth via your photo journal, knows that she is doing very well. :)

  2. Wil C. Fry says:

    @Mom: Absolutely. But I’m still curious how she’ll explain the 39 ounces in 14 days… :-)

    (Reminds me of my physical during college. I had already been weighed on one scale at 135 lbs., but they forgot to write it down. My second weight was on their other scale, three minutes later. I was 139 lbs.)

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