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Published on: 2011.06.14

We moved into a construction zone; we knew this 10 months ago when we bought the house. At that time, there were several empty lots on either side of our house, a few across the street, and the entire street behind us was empty.

Through the fall and winter, workers built three or four houses across the street, and a few on either side, but the lots immediately next to our house were still empty. This spring, they built a couple behind us.

But now, they’re building next to us — on both sides.

(Links to three videos after the jump)

We’re glad they’re finally getting this out of the way; it’ll be nice to actually have houses on both sides instead of bare dirt and weeds. And both of them are (will be) two-story houses, so that’ll block quite a bit of sun from hitting our house, thus saving on air conditioning bills throughout our 8-month summer.

But it means a lot of noise right now. Rebecca’s room is about 10 feet from the foundation being built to our north. Our living room is the same distance from the other house. She’s a pretty sound sleeper when she naps, but loud sudden noises will wake her up.

The quietest room in our house is the master bedroom closet. Besides the hall bathroom, it’s the only room in our house with no exterior walls. And of course the closet is lined with clothes and quilts, which absorb a lot of noise. So, a couple of weeks ago, I spread a couple of blankets on the floor there to create a padded area, and Rebecca naps there during the day. She’s there right now, sound asleep.

I may eventually place one our child gates at the closet door, since Rebecca now starts crawling as soon as she wakes up. After one of yesterday’s naps, she crawled out into the bedroom and was playing on the carpet.

Fortunately, these builders move quickly. The house to our south is being bricked as we speak, and then the exterior will be finished except for some touchup work. They’ll move to the inside and do insulation and drywall next. But to the north, next to Rebecca’s room, the loudest parts are still to come — pouring concrete, framing, roofing, siding…


The first three videos taken with our new Nikon Coolpix S6100:

Testing New Camera
Swimming Pool (20110611-1)
Swimming Pool (20110611-2)

All three are available in HD; you just have to change the player setting from 360 to 720. I’m still figuring out the ins and outs, so don’t expect much.


Yesterday, we hit 100°F again, for the third 100-degree day this year. (EDIT: and today, we hit 102°F)

100-degree days so far:
May 29: 101°F
June 6: 100°F
June 13: 100°F
June 14: 102°F

June 15: 100°F

  1. Cassie says:

    Cool! My camera is supposed to be here tomorrow. I’m ready to play with it! I think we are about to have some building noise as well. Our strip of townhomes is brand new and they just sold the the last two. Right next to us, they have leveled off an area and are bringing in lumber. Looks like they are going to build more. I guess we better be ready for some noise!

  2. Wil C. Fry says:

    Yes, get ready for the noise. :-)

    Hopefully, your lots are a little wider than ours… Our lots only extend five feet from each side of each house (so 10 feet from one foundation to the next). This means they barely have room to work in that narrow strip and often trample on the sides of our lawn, which is almost as irritating as the noise.

    Rating the noise from loudest:
    1) roof decking (but it goes very quickly)
    2) framing (lasts at least one full day, sometimes two)
    3) preparing/pouring foundation (usually just a few hours)
    4) shingling (lasts all day)
    5) drywall installation (lasts all day)

    Everything else is quieter, but still audible from inside our house. My only consolation is that once they’ve done something, they’re done with it. :-)

  3. Kelly says:

    I hate when outside noise wakes up a sleeping baby. It’s one of those moments that makes your stomach drop because you know that it’s going to be a rough afternoon since the nap was cut short. Another thing you have to watch for is the doorbell. The UPS or FedEx guys are notorious for ringing doorbells, which i swear they always time during nap time…haha. But a “Please Knock” sign should solve that one.

  4. Wil C. Fry says:

    “But a “Please Knock” sign should solve that one.”

    They usually ring, *then* knock. :-) And knocking is louder than our doorbell.

    What’s worse is the solicitors who ignore the “no soliciting” sign and repeatedly ring/knock.

    Fortunately, she’s not napping so much anymore, so it only affects me occasionally. :-)

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