First Visit To Our Pool

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Published on: 2011.05.29

Yesterday, the swimming pool for our neighborhood officially opened, so we walked over there for a visit. Only residents (and one guest each) are allowed in. There’s an electronic gate that’s opened with a magnetic keycard, issued only to residents in good standing with the HOA (homeowner association).

Several children were playing and splashing, and several adults were seated in the pavilion’s shade.

Rebecca and I were slathered in sunscreen, and my wife… well, my wife doesn’t need sunscreen (and she looks amazing, especially considering she’s almost 30 and gave birth just seven months ago). We started with the kiddie pool, which is an 8’x8′ square and only 1.5 feet deep. Rebecca didn’t like it at all; the water was pretty cold.

Pool Is Open
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Then we went over to the main pool, which is much larger, but still only 4 feet deep at the “deep” end. Again, the water was cold, but my wife and I braved it anyway. Rebecca enjoyed watching the other children playing, and I held her just above the surface of the water.

She hadn’t eaten much that morning, though, and hadn’t taken her morning nap, so the excursion began to get on her nerves pretty quickly. She suddenly decided she was both hungry and sleepy, so we headed back to the house where she ate and went to sleep.

Later in the day, we broke 100°F for the first time this year, hitting 101°F at our house (and it’s always a few degrees cooler here than in the rest of the city). Today, we maxed out at 97°F.

Today, we visited Oak Express, part of Furniture Row, and bought our china cabinet (which we’d intended to buy at Lack’s, before we learned that Lack’s has gone bankrupt and closed all their stores). The cabinet will be delivered on Tuesday, at which point I’ll take pictures and post them here.

  1. Cassie says:

    Wow, I wonder how hot it will get there later in the summer! It gets pretty scorchin here too but I still prefer summer over winter. And it’s definitely nice to have a pool to cool off! Before too long, you won’t be able to pull Rebecca out of the water. :)

  2. Kelly says:

    Talk about extremes! It was 40 degrees here today….we still have the heat on. Boo! The pool looks like fun. Rebecca really looks like Marline in that photo. Once that water warms up, she’ll love it.

  3. Sharon says:

    Here in MA, we just reached upper 80s this past weekend. The pool water is frigid, but you can’t get the kids out of the water. After a few days of really hot temps, the pool water will be a bit warmer. The pictures you posted of Rebecca’s experience was adorable. And yes, Marline looks marrrrvelous!!

  4. Wil C. Fry says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments.

    I remember as a child never going swimming unless it was 90 or above. :-) In the 80s, it’s still Spring. :-)

    But yes, after the water’s been beaten by the sun for a few weeks, it’ll be nicer and we’ll get Rebecca out there again soon (maybe even this afternoon?) Next time, we’ll make sure and go after she’s eaten and had a nap. When she’s not hungry or sleepy, she’s up for just about anything. :-)

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