Ears Pierced

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Published on: 2011.05.02

Today, Rebecca’s ears were pierced and 4mm gold studs inserted in each ear lobe, at Claire’s in the Killeen mall.

I left this entirely up to my wife’s discretion; I realize there are various schools of thought about piercing a baby’s ears, and I don’t subscribe to any of them. My own ears were pierced from 1996 through 2009, and my wife has been wearing earrings since she was two months old. She would have pierced Rebecca’s ears at a younger age if our baby hadn’t been born prematurely. She decided Rebecca was ready now, at 6.67 months old.

It was cold and rainy (yes, today began at 41°F, the coldest it’s been since early March). Rebecca behaved as she does in most businesses — quiet and observant. Once we were in Claire’s, she became more animated, enjoying a bright poster in the window and colorful accessories hanging on racks around the shop. She loved the scarf of the manager we dealt with.

She held still as my wife held her and the first ear was pierced. Of course, she let out a shriek as if she’d been hit by a bullet, but sobered up quickly for the next round. Parents walking by with baby strollers gave us knowing smiles. Rebecca was smiling a minute later as we walked out, and began cooing at a baby boy we saw at the next shop.

Rebecca fed in the Motherhood & Maternity store nearby, and then flirted with an adult male customer waiting for his wife. She slept in the car on the way back home.

The following pictures were taken just after she woke up from that nap; as always, she’s a little groggy after waking up (she gets that from her Daddy).

Now With Pierced Ears
(Copyright © 2011 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

Now With Pierced Ears
(Copyright © 2011 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

Don’t forget about Rebecca’s web page. It has links to her latest photos and videos, as well as lists of blog entries about her, gifts received from friends and relatives, milestones and firsts.

  1. Cassie says:

    Best time to do it, I think! She’ll never have to be nervous about getting it done. She won’t even remember it. And I think babies are less likely to get infections. Mine got infected when I got them done the first time at 13 and had to get it redone. Not fun.

  2. Wil C. Fry says:

    Sorry to hear it. I think I was 23 or so when mine were pierced (without trouble).

    But yes, Rebecca has already forgotten the experience, and doesn’t even know they’re there. :-)

  3. Sharon says:

    I pierced both of my girls ears before they were 2 months old. They never bothered with them and there were no issues. Because she is soooo young, she will have lightning quick healing powers. Didn’t think it was possible (cause she’s already sooo adorable), but she is just sooooo cute with the earrings in her ears

  4. Wil C. Fry says:

    Thanks, Sharon! :-)

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