Three More Questions

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Published on: 2005.06.07

The day is ending, “and it was good,” to quote the first chapter of an old Book I used to read. The sun is nestling nicely in the rolling hills of southeastern Oklahoma, casting a warm golden light over this landscape that’s seen too much tragedy in its short history.

I’ve had another challenge on my “questions” game, this one from someone who already knows quite a bit about me. She (Catonya) had to struggle to come up with questions, just like I did for her.

* If you had the choice of interviewing 1 person from any point in history or the future, fictional or real -who would it be? I know the future’s unknown so you can pick something generic like president or pope or farmer, etc.
Edgar Allen Poe. I thought about this one a while… I think he was such a tortured soul, and wrote so little about himself. Also, historians argue over whether he was an alcoholic, married his cousin, etc. His poetry still rocks my world, spiritually and emotionally speaking; his fiction’s not bad either.

* If you could choose one super power what would it be and how would you use it? (restricted to a fun activity versus changing the world)
Invisibility (no passing through walls or anything; just that no one could see me.) Think of the kinds of conversations you might overhear, or the pranks you could pull! Secondly, I’d take the ability to stop/slow Time for everyone else — which in turn would make me appear incredibly fast. If you’re late for work, or need more sleep, then just stop the world, and take your time. I wrote a cheesy sci-fi story about this… (If you’re interested, click here and then find “Timeboy”)

* You had a very strong religious upbringing- what is the biggest thing you were taught on this subject that you’re now not so sure is on the money?
— The biggest thing? That the entire Bible is the literal, infallible, inspired Word of God, meant to apply strictly to us today. I realized that modern theologians had already washed away some things, like a woman’s right to speak in church, and putting witches to death. If these things aren’t meant for us today, then who’s to say which parts are?

Good enough? I hope so. Anyone else, feel free to ask (no more than five questions at a time, please.)

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