April 7, 2005

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Published on: 2005.04.07

Frustration creeps in, sneaking, slinking, slipping across the room, and then slams a hammer into the back of my head. If I were the kind of man given to anger, I would by now have smashed my computer to bits. But I am a patient person. Not only patient, but progressive. In my progressive effort to not use Microsoft products, I’m being hammered on every side by companies that are helping MS. For instance, I can no longer retrieve my Yahoo! mail via Mozilla, either on the internet client or with Firefox. Up until now, I was proud to say I was a Mozilla user. I promote the open-source products. But when SBC Yahoo and the other gorillas work alongside MS, what can I do? I didn’t think the companies were related, but it’s becoming more obvious to my naive brain that they all are.

What choice do we have? Give up, they say. Maybe I will. Maybe. But I like to think I’ll make a stand somewhere. I don’t want to compromise, but it seems I have no choice.

BUT: what difference does it make? Why is this important? It’s NOT important, really, I guess. But it still pisses me off.

Today was gorgeous, once the morning clouds wore off. But they came back quickly this evening. The all-knowing weather persons on TV say tomorrow will be better.

Perhaps some horrible event will occur tomorrow, so I can take pictures of it with the beautiful day as the backdrop. Maybe some less-than-horrible event will happen.

I’m still physically and mentally recovering from the trial of last week. It is exhausting, not only to sit through it, but to record every word that I can, and then to stay up late each night, cutting and editing my notes into readable stories. Trying to ignore the pain of those involved. Trying not to look at the photographs that the DA puts on the projection screen for the judge. Trying to appear fair to both sides.

Last week, I twice thought about looking for a new job.

Last night, I saw “Sin City.” Some have called it a piece of crap, and I see where they’re coming from. Others have said it’s a masterpiece, and I can see that viewpoint too. But my humble opinion: it had all the elements of a great movie, yet fell short in a few places. Too much voice-over by narrative characters, overuse of the black-and-white with spots of color, and not enough nudity (come on, Jessica Alba!) But aside from these three failings, the movie was entirely enjoyable. Plenty of blood, violence, and shocking situations. A good storyline(s). Nice angles on the filmwork and great transitions. Not entirely predictable. The characters were completely contrived, yet somehow also believable. Who did I identify with? Everyone.

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