Rolled Over

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Published on: 2011.02.18

Rebecca rolled over for the first time this afternoon.

When I picked her up from her nap, she was on her side and I assumed Mommy had placed her on her side. No. My wife said she’d placed her on her tummy.

A little later, while preparing for Rebecca’s bath, I laid her down on her tummy on our bed, and Rebecca promptly used the counterweight of her head to roll over onto her side and then her back. I called my wife in to see and Rebecca did it again.

(By the way, I was right when I said Rebecca was going to wake up in the middle of the night last night. I just had a feeling. She woke up around midnight, and then again at 4-something, but we made it through Mommy’s overnight shift.)

  1. Marline says:

    Can crawling be far behind?

  2. Wil C. Fry says:

    Not too far. She’s very strong, and has a lot of willpower… I’m guessing 5.5 months. :-)

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