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I began blogging in February 2005, when a friend (Juanna Underwood) invited me to join a particular blogging site. After nearly six years on that site, I finally decided to host my own blogs. As always, wilcfry.com is my home page, the portal to all my various homes on the web.

1. Anything you see on this blog prior to Feb. 2005 has been copied from my written or typed journals. I’ve kept the dates as accurate as possible for those entries.

2. Anything from Feb. 2005 through Jan. 2011 was originally posted on another blogging site, and then imported here. So there are missing comments, incorrect times for entries, missing images, broken formatting, etc., because the third-party script I used to import those entries wasn’t perfect. It was just the only way.

3. If you do see missing pictures, broken links, or wonky formatting, please let me know:

4. I write this blog primarily for me. Basically, it’s taken the place of the paper journal that I kept for many years. It’s meant to chronicle my life, for what it’s worth, for my own purposes. If you find it interesting, feel free to tag along, but don’t ever feel that I’m obligated to keep you interested.

But I also write the blog so that I don’t have to tell the same stories a dozen times. This was one of the most frustrating things about pre-internet life for me. So don’t be surprised if you ask a question and I answer by providing a link to a blog entry. That means: “I’ve already told the story once; why don’t you read it there?”

5. On any page of this blog, see my archive links, my tag cloud, and links to other sites I like in the sidebar at right.

6. I’ve set up the WordPress app to close the comment form on older entries. Spam is the only thing that gets posted on the older entries, so it didn’t seem reasonable to keep the forms open indefinitely. If you want to comment on an older entry, you can either: (1) post it on a newer entry and make reference to the older post, or (2) send an email to me with your comment; I can add it to the older entry if you’d like.

7. Read more about me here.

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