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On 2013.06.11, my wife gave birth to our second child, Benjamin. This page is the gateway to all things Benjamin-related.


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Following are a few important (to me) entries about him:

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• 2013.06.21 • Hearing Test
• 2013.06.12 • Benjamin Comes Home
• 2013.06.11 • Birth of Benjamin
• 2013.01.29 • He's A Boy
• 2013.01.21 • Preparing the Nursery
• 2012.12.25 • Christmas + Big News
• 2012.12.15 • Rebecca & Tummy
• 2012.10.25 • Pregnancy Test

Benjamin's Vital Stats

Time/Date of Birth:19:00 CDT
Place of Birth:Sue Mayborn Women's Center
Metroplex Adventist Hospital
Killeen, Bell County, Texas
Birth Weight:6 lbs. 1.8 oz.
(2772.5 grams)
Birth Length:20 inches
(50.8 cm)
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:dark brown
medium brown (by 1 year)
Came Home:2013.06.12 (1 day old)
St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church
Deacon Lawrence St. Pierre


(from conception through baptism)

• gift card from Marline's cousin Arnold & Gina
• money from Marline's cousin Yvesnick & Patrick
• money from Marline's cousin Shapiro & Paula
• money from Marline's Aunt Marie-Josee
• money from Marline's Aunt Yanick (& Yves)
• money from Marline's Uncle René-Max (& Mimiche)
• money from Marline's Uncle Leslie (& Esther)
• money from Marline's Uncle Sedric (& Rosette)
• money from René-Max's friend Maxime
• money from Kevin & Christin
• money from Antoinette & Perry
• ? from Presler & Camille
• ? from Natasha

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Photos: Gifts for Benjamin

Benjamin's Growth Chart

Birth (2013.06.11)20 in. (50.8 cm)6.1 lbs. (2.772 kg)Metroplex Adventist Hospital
3 days (2013.06.14)19 in. (48.26 cm)6.13 lbs. (2.778 kg)Killeen Pediatric Care Clinic
2 weeks (2013.06.25)19.5 in. (49.53 cm)7.06 lbs. (3.203 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
2wk, 6dy (2013.07.01)8.0 lbs. (3.629 kg)home
3wk, 3dy (2013.07.05)20 in. (20.32 cm)9.0 lbs. (4.082 kg)home
30 days (2013.07.10)9.6 lbs. (4.354 kg)home
1.1 months (2013.07.14)10.6 lbs. (4.808 kg)home
1.3 months (2013.07.21)21 in. (53.34 cm)11.1 lbs. (5.035 kg)home
1.52 months (2013.07.27)12.6 lbs. (5.715 kg)home
1.8 months (2013.08.05)22 in. (55.88 cm)13.0 lbs. (5.897 kg)home
2.07 months (2013.08.13)22.5 in. (57.15 cm)13.047 lbs. (5.918 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
2.27 months (2013.08.19)14.0 lbs. (6.35 kg)home
2.6 months (2013.08.30)15.0 lbs. (6.804 kg)home
3.4 months (2013.09.23)23 in. (58.42 cm)15.8 lbs. (7.167 kg)home
3.73 months (2013.10.03)23.5 in. (59.69 cm)16.7 lbs. (7.575 kg)home
4.13 months (2013.10.15)2’ 0.75” (62.87 cm)16.4 lbs. (7.439 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
4.52 months (2013.10.27)2’ 1” (63.5 cm)17.1 lbs. (7.756 kg)home
5 months (2013.11.11)2’ 1” (63.5 cm)17.5 lbs. (7.938 kg)home
5.13 months (2013.11.16)2’ 1” (63.5 cm)18.0 lbs. (8.165 kg)home
6 months (2013.12.11)2’ 2.25”19.0 lbs. (8.618 kg)home
6.19 months (2013.12.17)2’ 3.5” (69.85 cm)18.59 lbs. (8.432 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
7.06 months (2014.01.13)20.0 lbs. (9.072 kg)home
7.97 months (2014.02.10)2’ 2” (0.66 m)22.2 lbs. (10.07 kg)home
9 months (2014.03.11)2’ 3” (0.69 m)22 lbs. (9.979 kg)home
9.25 months (2014.03.18)2’ 3.76” (0.705 m)21.31 lbs. (9.667 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
10.4 months (2014.04.23)2’ 4.5” (0.724 m)22.8 lbs. (10.34 kg)home
1 year (2014.06.12)2’ 5” (0.737 m)22.5 lbs. (10.21 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
15 months (2014.09.10)2’ 6” (0.762 m)24.6 lbs. (11.16 kg)home
15 months (2014.09.16)2’ 6.5” (0.7747 m)23.62 lbs. (10.71 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
16 months (2014.10.05)2’ 6.25” (0.7684 m)25.1 lbs. (11.3852 kg)home
18 months (2014.12.11)2’ 7.5” (0.8001 m)25.2 lbs. (11.4305 kg)home
18.17 months (2014.12.16)2’ 7.26” (0.794 m)24.37 lbs. (11.056 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
23.5 months (2015.05.24)26.2 lbs. (11.884 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
2.02 years (2015.06.18)2’ 9.5” (85.1 cm)home
2.03 years (2015.06.23)2’ 9.5” (85.1 cm)26.7 lbs. (12.1 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
2.31 years (2015.10.06)28.2 lbs. (12.79 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
2.52 years (2015.12.19)2’ 11” (88.9 cm)27.8 lbs. (12.61 kg)home
2.60 years (2016.01.16)2’ 11.5” (90.17 cm)home
3.03 years (2016.06.23)3’ 1” (0.94 m)29.4 lbs. (13.3 kg)Scott & White Killeen Clinic
3.54 years (2016.12.27)3’ 2” (0.97 m)32.8 lbs. (14.9 kg)home

Benjamin's Milestones

These are things he did. For things he experienced, see the Firsts chart. Also see the Diary page.

2013.06.14Rolledfrom back to left side
June 15, 2013First smileconfirmed next day
June 16, 2013Rolledfrom back to right side
June 17, 2013Lifted/turned headfrom left to right (and back) while on tummy
June 20, 2013Laughedfully belly laugh, while sitting on Daddy's lap
June 25, 2013Scootedcan push self across floor if there's something to push against w/feet
June 30, 2013Grabbing/holdingReaches for and grabs/holds objects: shirts, burp cloths, fingers, etc.
Aug. 24, 2013Rolledfrom tummy to right side to back
Aug. 27, 2013Slept thru nightfrom 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Oct. 2013HoldingCan hold objects for several minutes at a time
Can switch from one hand to other
Oct. 21, 2013SittingCan maintain sitting position, if placed there
Oct. 27, 2013Rolledfrom back to side to tummy
Nov. 13, 2013Pushuppush himself up on just toes and hands
Dec. 3, 2013Standingpulls self up to standing position
Dec. 5, 2013Sits uppushes himself up to sitting position without help
(confirmed Dec. 16)
Dec. 13, 2013Stands uppulls himself up to standing position (from sitting)
Dec. 16, 2013CrawlsCrawled on all fours for first time (belly off ground)
Dec. 25, 2013Cruising4 feet, along edge of coffee table, other objects
Dec. 28, 2013Crawlingfrom one room to another, as far as 20 feet
Jan. 5, 2014Kneelingcan balance only on knees
Jan. 10, 2014Standingstand unassisted for up to 6 seconds
Jan. 18, 2014Standingstand unassisted for 10 seconds
Feb. 10, 2014First StepsOne step only (multiple occasions)
Feb. 11, 2014First StepsThree steps at a time
March 5, 2014First Word"Dada", said to Daddy, and repeated when asked
March 6, 2014First Sentence"I get it" or "I got it", when grabbing something
March 11, 2014WalkedWalk from A to B without falling
April 2, 2014WavedWaved to friends as they drove past in a car
April 9, 2014FIRST TOOTH (Click to see/hide list of teeth)
April 24, 2014Potty trainingWalked into bathroom; peed against shower door
May 12, 2014ClappedFirst clasped his hands, then did it again.
Eyes opened wide as if he'd just realized something and then he began clapping happily.
May 13, 2014Potty trainingSitting on toilet, peed into it
June 20, 2014SpinningStanding, took tiny steps to rotate in place
June 29, 2014Walk backwardTook five steps backward, return, repeat
2015.11.10Counted on fingers“One, two...”
2016.02.09JumpedGot both feet off the ground at the same time.

Communication Development

late June 2013hungry signGathers air toward mouth to indicate hunger
July 2013hungry soundSays "ungee" when hungry, or clears throat
Oct.-Nov. 2013sister's nameSays "egguh" when calling Rebecca
Nov. 17, 2013vowel soundsSaid "aeiou" several times
early Dec. 2013happy soundsScreeches like a pterodactyl
early Dec. 2013consonant soundsTries various: G, T, D, M, L, without any meaning
mid-Dec. 2013coughingTried fake coughing sound as attention-getter
Dec. 2013gestureslaps knee to indicate "I want that" or "take me there"
Jan. 10, 2014P soundsaid "poo poo" several times
Jan. 18, 2014M soundsaid "mama" twice
Jan. 18, 2014H, N soundsaid "hone" when he was hungry
Feb. 2014consonantspractice all the consonant sounds
March 2014copycatstart copycatting words that Mommy says
March 5, 2014First Word"Dada", said to Daddy, and repeated when asked
March 6, 2014First Sentence"I get it" or "I got it", when grabbing something
March 11, 2014Waved
March 22, 2014Second Word"Gordon", correctly naming one of sister's trains
April 6, 2014Third Word"Mama", referring to Mommy, but also to food, milk, hunger
April 30, 2014Fourth Word"head", after putting diaper on his head like a hat
early May 2014Fifth Word"diaper" ("die-tuh"), bringing diaper to parent when needing a change
June 6, 2014Sixth Word"ear", while pulling on Daddy's ear
June 6, 2014Seventh Word"ball", when Daddy gave him a ball
June 8, 2014Eighth Word"door" ("daw"), tapping door
June 9, 2014Ninth Word"up" ("uh"), reaching up with both hands
July 2014ColorsTries to say colors: "boo", "ray", "ohdug", "gee", "yeh-oh"
August 2014More words"this", "nah" (no), "yeh" (yes)
April 2015Daddy"day-day" for daddy, after months of saying "maw" for either parent
Dec. 2015More wordsadded several new words after visiting with family in Okla.
2016.01Complexitycan say two consonants together: “blue”, “blanket”
starts using adding second syllable to some words
2016.01Sentencesregularly putting two or more words together to form sentences
“sit here”, “hungry food now”

Firsts in Benjamin's Life

These are experiences. For his achievements, see the Milestones chart. See also the Diary page.

2013.06.11-15First visit from paternal grandparents
2013.06.12First car rideFrom hospital to house in Killeen, Texas
2013.06.13First time in a businessChick-fil-A, Harker Heights, Texas
2013.06.14First doctor's appointmentDr. Wright, at Killeen Pediatric Care Clinic in Killeen, Texas
2013.06.15First partyattended neighbor girl's 1st birthday party
2013.06.19First mall visitKilleen Mall, Killeen, Texas
2013.06.28-30First out-of-state tripDrove to Seminole County, Okla., to see paternal grandparents
2013.07.01First visit to military baseFt. Hood, Texas.
2013.07.02First tub bathLiked being in water; still hates being scrubbed.
2013.07.09First bottle feedingTook 100 mL in three minutes.
2013.10.08-09First hotel stayBest Western, Seminole, Okla.
(for Rebecca's birthday trip)
2013.11.02First swingat playground in Yowell Ranch
2013.12.04First solid foodsucked on apple slice for 20 minutes
2014.03.15First car ride w/o Mommywent with Daddy to used book sale in Killeen
2014.04.30First zoo visitCameron Park Zoo, in Waco, Texas
2014.06.04First swimCommunity pool, Yowell Ranch, Killeen, Texas
2014.06.11First birthdayparty at home w/grandparents, neighbors, & friends
2014.06.19,23First airplane tripFlew from Killeen to Houston, to Boston, then back
2015.07.02First movie in theaterInside-Out, at Killeen 14
2016.06.07First time bowlingat Holiday Lanes in Killeen