Surprise! I’m An Atheist

Introduction To My Atheism And The Explanation Thereunto

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Published 2015.02.10, Updated 2015.11.26

Yes. I Said “Atheist”. I describe my specific position on another page.

I created this section of my website to explain where I came from, how I got here from fanatical, fundamentalist Christianity, and why I chose to write it all down. There are other pages in this section as well; you can get to most of them by using the More menu at upper right, and you can reach all of them via my Atheism Index.

I realize such a pronouncement might come as a shock to certain friends or relatives, though some have surely guessed. It certainly shocked me the first time I said it aloud. Please understand that I did not come to this conclusion lightly. Twenty-five years of struggle have led me to this place. I have left no stone unturned, no argument unargued. There is no turning back.

If I have any regret, it is that it took me so long to reach this place.
If you’re reading this from the paradigm of religion, please note a few things. First, these pages aren’t intended as a polemic nor as an attempt to persuade anyone, but rather a manifesto — a statement of views — and the story of how I came to have them. Read my reason for writing to understand why I felt I must say these things. Secondly, understand the difference between “do not believe in any god” and “angry at God”. I cannot possibly feel any animosity toward someone or something that doesn’t exist. Further, I do not harbor any specific ill-will toward any particular theist or religion.

If I have any regret, it is that it took me so long to reach this place.

Finally, I am aware that at least a few people reading this were influenced toward their current belief systems by me. After all, I was never silent about my faith in God and talked of it quite frequently. I preached, taught, counseled, and published a devotional newsletter. If you are happy with the faith in which I assisted you, then: “you’re welcome”. If you are not, then I apologize for pushing you along that path, and I hope you find the answers you seek.

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