Updated 2015.04.20

This page is a gateway to all things related to me (Wil C. Fry) on the web. If you search for me, remember the “C.”, since some time in 2013 “Wil Fry” search results were usurped by a clothing designer of that name. Due to him, I no longer appear on the front page of most searches for my name unless you include the middle initial.


Blogging is my primary online activity.
I blog every day on My Life, if you want to keep up with me.

Personal blog
Daily journal


My presence on social media is limited, though I keep
accounts as placeholders on some of the popular platforms.


After blogging, photography is my secondary online activity.
Most of my recent Flickr images aren't public anymore.
Those with Flickr accounts, I'll add you as "friends" to see them.

Some of My Best Work

My Gear   •   Gear Reviews

Troubleshooting Your Photos   •   Photography FAQ

More Stuff

I have other interests besides blogging and photography
— including history, science, the environment, politics,
weather, and sports. Here are pages I find interesting.

Killeen Weather   •   2014   •   2013   •   2012

Killeen Temperature Records   •   Killeen History

Things I Can Do To Help The Environment

My Code Of Conduct   •   My Platform

Seminole County (Okla.) Sports, 2000-2009